Outpost Rush with friends

Can a group of 5 from different factions queue into the same outpost rush? I only did 2 and didn’t think to test this.


Thats all you got? Impressive.

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Not having been able to play Outpost Rush yet because I am not of level. I would assume as much since you can join as a group. I was under the impression that Outpost Rush is simply 20v20 with no Faction v Faction focus, just Player v Player.

Thats what it was when I played the 2 I got in. It’s red vs blue, however you queue at your faction leader so not sure you can queue with a group of different faction players.

i believe so. its not faction limited.

How did you join Outpost rush? It’s still disabled for me.

I joined during the brief window it was reenabled, last Thurs or Friday I believe.


Anyone can join its not faction based and its not cross platform so you can only play against people from your own server.

Maybe I wasn’t clear, you see you can join as a group, the question was can the group be of different factions. I understand the entire 20v20 is made up from all faction players that queued.

One reply was they believe so, not a confirmation though.

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