Over 1000 hours of Bow play feedback

Below are some Bow user annoyances, rants, and suggested improvements. Please actually read and pay attention to what I’m saying even if it just sounds like I’m complaining. These are legitimate problems with this weapon. I’ve played bow since day 1 of this game and put over a thousand hours into it. I also played in a pre-release over a year ago, and in closed and open betas.

TLDR - Some of the reasons many people don’t like playing bow in its current state are:

  • Bow does not feel responsive. Arrows do not fire on mouse click or ability press, instead having a delay between activation and anything actually happening. Letting go of right click often doesn’t matter, forcing you to finish animations.
  • Bow hitboxes for enemies need to be larger, mostly in PVE. Another option for this is to make Bow projectiles larger instead. Shooting through someone’s armpit or between someone’s legs should not be a thing.
  • Arrows seem to leave the bow behind or lagging where you are aiming if you are tracking a target moving side to side. Even if hitboxes were larger arrows would still feel awkward to fire at targets moving side to side. This is because the bow actually lags behind the cursor. There should not be a delay between when I move my cursor and my character aims there.
  • Bow does not have effective or useable utility. Being a ranged attacker means you generally want to stay at range. Bow has no inherent ability to do this forcing it to use light armor and compliment it with secondary weapons that add this ability.

The longer versions:
My number 1 bow annoyance is related to responsiveness - When I let go of right click I want to immediately stop aiming down sights, no matter where I am in an animation.
Something that happens extremely often:

  • do a heavy attack with the intention to fire a single arrow and reposition afterward
    • either let go of right click too quickly and all the time you spent winding up the heavy attack is thrown away because you do not fire the arrow (this is actually fine, but in combination with what comes next is stressful and annoying)
    • or let go of right click too late and watch your character continue to stand in place and do another entire draw arrow animation before allowing you to move again. This extra time can mean taking extra damage or even dying in an intense fight.
  • The window between too early and too late is too small and causes much frustration but can be eliminated as a window entirely by simply stopping animations with a release of right click. This means that I should be able to be running then tap right click extremely quickly and see myself begin to make the animation to draw an arrow but immediately stop and keep running. Right now the way it is if I tap right click I have to watch my character come to a stop and draw an arrow before starting to move again. Bonus points: make it so that if I right click while running I come to a running stop over a meter or two instead of just stopping.

Biggest problem with bow: Shooting an arrow is like gambling. Even if I’m aiming at where the target is or where it will be its position changes way too often before my arrow would hit. Bow hitboxes need to be larger for both PVE enemies and players (but mostly PVE). Another option for this is to make the projectile size larger (yes, “unrealistic”, but we aren’t talking reality here, we are talking a video game and want it to feel good to play). Mobs have such extremely erratic and unpredictable movement patterns both in and out of combat that the slow and awkward draw and fire time and projectile speed of bow make it really hard to hit consistently, even for a player who is good at aiming (I am very good at aiming). When my arrow goes between an enemy’s arm and their torso or between their legs I get pretty frustrated. I have tons of videos of me missing shots I should not have. Many times these videos are just me shooting at an unaware mob. I understand that mobs have jerky pathing and will behave teleport-y sometimes because you can’t animate every single frame in every single movement, but I should not miss shots because of this.
I’m totally okay with reducing bow damage if you make it so I can reliably hit my enemies. I just don’t want it to feel random anymore. If I aim correctly I should hit.

Heavy attacks should have an obvious visual and audio cue to when they are ready. I think there is a little bow string creek noise that signifies a heavy attack is ready but the arrow visually starts glowing too early and that creek should probably be louder or be a click or other noise of some sort. Battle noises often drown out the little creek noise. I’m not even actually sure I can’t let go a little bit earlier and up my heavy attack DPS by a tad but I’m scared of not waiting for that creek noise because if I let go too early all the time I just waited was for nothing.

There should be a slightly exponential damage curve from 100% to 170% in between light and heavy attacks. If I spend 2-3 full seconds drawing the bow for a heavy attack but let go a millisecond too early I only get light attack damage. This feels bad.

Why as bow when I push my attack button do I have to stop, stand still, aim, and shoot so slowly? (Reproduce: Autorun → Left Mouse Click) – Why does this animation take so long? Every other weapon immediately attacks when I push the attack button. Why does bow have such a large delay before attacking? Why do I have to be standing still to attack when nobody else does (the same could be said for musket)? Along these lines, why can’t I run (even slowly) and hipfire at the same time with reduced accuracy?

If I push the Poison Shot or Piercing Shot button I don’t want to queue up an arrow with the shot on it, I want to immediately shoot the ability, even if I am moving. This would help with responsiveness. All other abilities for all other weapons except musket are press to fire instead of press to queue. All abilities should be press to fire, including bow and musket abilities. I’ve heard it mentioned that some people like this queue system so it should probably be a menu option. I personally hate it.
- Bug: This has been mentioned before in another of my posts, but activating Poison shot or Piercing shot will often (and unpredictably) make the sound as if the ability fired but it does not fire. If you notice in time you can mouse click again to fire the ability but if you do anything else the ability never happens and still goes on cooldown.

Bow is basically unusable in close range. If a target is in my face I should still hit it if my cursor is on it. There shouldn’t be any weirdness related to where the arrow comes out from. Projectiles should always immediately leave your character and go exactly where you aimed your cursor.

Bow utility:

  • Bow needs an ability that slows the enemy down by a significant amount (20-50%?) for a few seconds to help them get away. The single easiest way to do this would probably be to add caltrops or something to Evade Shot, causing anyone within a few meters to be slowed by a large amount for a few seconds. There should be more than just one option, though. There probably should be a lot of them, actually. I would like build freedom and be able to choose medium or heavy armor as a bow user but that is not practical right now. The light armor roll is basically a requirement as close range shots with a bow are very unreliable because of where the projectile originates. Other ranged classes such as mage have roots and slows to help them control a fight. Bow has no control abilities. First of all, evade shot doesn’t jump back far enough to make a difference (especially against great axe, which has extra movement speed, roots, and slows) and the bow perk (Impale) that slows an enemy (by only 10%) only applies when you hit them while they are at full health has no use in an extended fight and extremely little use in the start of a fight. Knee shot sucks (I could complain about this perk for a while but the rest of this post pretty much covers it). The lack of utility is even more pronounced against any melee enemy with any ability to magnetic lunge, slow, or root you.


  • Splinter shot is absolutely terrible, which may be partially remedied with increase in hitboxes or projectile sizes size for bow, and partially remedied with increased responsiveness for bow abilities. If these arrows had slight magnetism to them and seeked a little bit that might help, too. Because of how crappy this ability is (even after forcing myself to play with it for a while and get used to it) I often found myself deciding not to use it in favor of a normal or heavy attack because at least I know the attack will deal damage. For those reading this who do not understand: This ability travels 10 meters THEN splits into 3-5 arrows which each do 50% weapon damage. This leaves a very small area for the enemy to be located in for the ability to have an acceptable effect. A heavy attack does 170% damage, so “acceptable” for a cooldown worthy ability should be more than that, which means 4 of 5 arrows hitting (200%). If the enemy is too close then the single arrow hits them before splitting for crap damage. If the enemy is too far then not all (or zero) of the arrows hit them. When fired into a crowd, even on point during a war, maybe 1-3 of the 5 arrows hit, often zero. This ability is not skill based when firing it into a crowd, purely luck. This ability is actually just luck based most of the time given the fact that most bow abilities are not responsive and require some time between when you push the button and the ability actually happening because whatever you are shooting at has likely moved. Most likely you are just going to miss, but if they move closer to you and you still manage to hit you probably only hit with the single arrow before splitting. If they move further you hit for less damage because less arrows hit. In order for this ability to be more effective than a normal attack and worthy of a cooldown you would have to consistently hit 4+ arrows so the ability would do at least 200% weapon damage, otherwise you might as well just be heavy attacking for 170% weapon damage. I could keep complaining about this ability, but I you get the point by now.

Lower priority, but still issues:

  • Hitboxes are too realistic and small for enemies, but they are too large and unrealistic for anything else. All projectiles in this game (not just arrows) should only collide with the graphical manifestation of in game objects, not invisible walls or barriers. There are a lot of random terrain and objects that projectiles collide with even though they are clearly not aimed at that just makes the player roll their eyes and think, “welp, that is stupid”.

  • Arrows often seem to graphically travel through enemies but fail to hit them. This happens a lot with wolves and other four legged creatures.

    • I’ve even seen it happen with players. I had an instance where in a duel I shot an arrow through a player’s hat just above their head and it graphically traveled through that player’s model but did not hit, then I aimed slightly to the left or right of that hat with my cursor obviously not on the player’s model and the arrow hit. I haven’t tested this extensively but I distinctly remember it happening. It was a light armor / mage hat of some sort, perhaps something is wrong with the hitbox of that hat and how it adds or takes away from the player? Sorry I don’t have more information for you here.

Another random bow bug: If the third arrow in Rapid Shot kills a target the Rapid Accuracy talent/perk does not trigger.

Another random personal opinion:
We (bow, musket, and any future ammo users) shouldn’t have to carry 100+ pounds of ammo everywhere to do anything. Azoth costs are artificially higher for this reason and it really doesn’t add anything positive to the game. Abilities should not be able to stop working mid intense fight. If this has ever happened to you it feels pretty bad. It adds negative feelings to the game, not positive. Two proposed solutions:

  1. We equip a Quiver or Ammo Pouch in an equipment slot and that item has infinite ammo in it of that type. For example, an “Orichalcum Quiver” would just mean I am permanently using orichalcum arrows. You could even split bow/quiver or musket/pouch stats like you split sword/shield stats to make them interesting and fun items to obtain or craft.
  2. If you really must require us to carry around ammunition make it so that we have a Quiver or Ammo Pouch that has X ammo stack slots in it based on its tier (500 ammo for iron tier, +1 stack per tier?) and any ammo we place in it does not count toward our bag weight.

Something important I forgot to add to this post: I did mention that arrows seem to come out behind or lagging the bow when you are aiming. This is because the bow lags behind your cursor. This is not acceptable. There should not be a delay between when I move my cursor and my character aims there.

Another important thing I forgot to mention: Screen clutter. Extremely often I can’t even see the target I’m shooting at because of nameplates, bad lighting, the annoying and badly designed “crosshair”. In invasions when there are 20 people meleeing a commander I want to shoot at I randomly ping the mass of people so I can hope to hit the commander with a ping and its nameplate shows up, so I can shoot under the nameplate and hope to hit it. Even when I manage to ping it I still miss my shots because of random mob movements and arrow travel time. This is just an extreme example. These problems arise in normal 5 person parties, too. I’m not really sure what you guys should do about this one but you should really talk about it.

I saw this in another post somewhere and completely agree with it:

  • You should be able to dodge cancel out of rapid shot.

I didn’t say this before, but I think normal arrows should travel as fast as and have the same hitbox as piercing shot.


300h of bow here and i couldn’t have explained it better. You definitely nailed it, especially the right click delay and quick range decay


Bro you sure this post is meant for this game (New World)?
Cause I dont have the problems you have with my bow… maybe PC performance problems, just not as good as we think we are? Not trying to be mean Im just saying it seems like that most of this is just you.

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Mmmm, don’t wanna be that guy. but 1000h its over 41 days of playtime. And as today we are at the 37th or 38th day of the game. Something doesn´t add up. Didn’t even read the post for that simple reason.


Hell im not that good myself.

I played in a pre-release over a year ago, and in closed and open betas.


This is me, just an invasion screenshot from yesterday. I have more if you want, including top 5s and 10s in wars. I’m decent. And if you need further proof I can friend you on other games and show you Apex Predator, Master, Grandmaster account histories. I also have about a 25-40 ping at all times to my datacenter.
If you don’t have these problems I don’t know what is different between us but these are real problems for many people including myself.


I agree with all of this except this, I like the current system but that’s me

When an arrow flies through an enemy it just guts me, when the next 3 arrows fly through an enemies chest I don’t even want to play anymore lol. I agree that standing still while shooting is silly, it’s a bow not a 50 cal rifle, you should be at least able to walk with it, and stopping after firing? Ugh!

You nailed it though good job


he is right with many aspects like heavy attacks, or hitbox,the arrow fell just too slim,and you miss a lot,and do not tell us about aim and other shit,i play a lot of FPS,my aim is decent,not perfect not bad,the arrow is simply too slow and too slim compared with the orbs from fire staffs or others magical weapons,i also use them and it feels so easy to hit the enemy


Ok, now Im even more confused about this post.

for some of these problems you all just need to change your weapon maybe

Some games provide a menu setting for this, perhaps this one can too?

maybe go healer for a bigger hit box, idk come on guys, whatever lol

move on - you don’t bring anything to this conversation - these are all valid points. These examples even come with situational explanations - move on troll.


I think that would work well, then it can be used for all classes

what if we don’t like play mage,should we play whatever is meta at this time or what we like?

ok yes sometimes the arrow will go through the mob without hitting. It is annoying, but the way this post just feeds off things to exaggerate some of the things you are talking about that are not problems will only lead to more problems, nerfs, buffs, more nerfs, more buffs. so yes its annoying to see problems listed that are not problems just not enough play time or that good.

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sorry bro there is no meta’s is in this game yet. way to new you just need to play more. Pretty easy conecpt just not easy to execute without patience

Move along troll, if you have nothing constructive to add then go away, numerous people have stated these points in posts since the release.


No. Everyone needs to stop with this hitbox suggesting.

This game has one of the best hitbox as it is purely based on the skeleton. You’re missing because you were off. Stop trying to suggest they do a “give me” type of hitbox because you were “close enough”.

Wait for the right animations, or aim for the center mass for targets that move a ton.

The main issue with the bow is projectile speed.

Then it’s animation locking.

The reticle is zeroed at ~43m and further on light attacks. The interaction could be changed yes, but the projectile is the arrow itself, not your character.