Over 20h trying to enter game zero play time

What is this nonsense ? Should i ask for refund ? Maybe all of us that cant play at all should all ask for it ?

You will be automatically rejected a refund the first two attempts as steam detects over 2 hours “Play time” once you attempt it for a third time, someone manually will look at it and grant it. I would say don’t bother as the game itself is fantastic and they did not expect as many extra sales on release day as they got. So it likely will be a few days until the queues are sorted

Yeah they didnt expect sun to be warm and rain to be wet ? Thats nonsense… Also game is unplayable and well only thing it does for me is making me angry in worst possible time to make me angry… And this means no its not fantastic… In Few days i would not even want to play it even if its best game in world (and its far from it) cos friends are already so far ahead and am lvl 1 maybe i dont know add X100 on all exp to fix that ?

The game is fully playable. When I have been in-game itself I have had zero issues so far personally. The only negative is the queues of course, but the gameplay is great.

cant even enter to play = not playable

The game is playable, but the queues are too lengthily. I am not arguing about the queues, they are terrible beyond belief, but the gameplay itself is perfectly fine.

For me not playable means spend 2 days trying to play game and not being able to play it… Deleted game no point sitting on my ssd if its useless

Which just frustrates me even more. The game runs fine - but there just isnt enough servers. No info, nothing.

“Its your own fault, play on one of the new servers”

The lowest queued server in EU has 1000 players waiting.

Open some f-ing servers.

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Some ppl are just asholes… they cant be in real life so they compensate when behind screen…
But yeah and even if its like 300 still will take you like 3-4h and thats if you dont get error message like 5 times… Ppl just love saying nonsense in real life they know there is consequences for that so they dont…

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