Over 70 house decorations gone, relog doesn't help

Character name in game - HeyHoLetsGo
Server - Bran
Issue: Spent a lot of in-game gold and real $ to be #1 on my server.
Was at 210/210 now I’m at 138/210 after the update.
Apparantely there was a fix implemented that requires a relog to fix. Didn’t do anything for me.
I have levitating candles that used to be on top of tables, many decorations missing, a lot paid for with real money too.

This happened after the newest patch. I would like this resolved asap as I would like to be #1 and get my moneys worth as I spent probably around 300k gold as well as a fair amount of $ for the decorations.
Please can I have a member of the new world team reassure me that this is being worked on and will be fixed. Once again, relogging doesn’t do anything

We are looking into this.