Over the top bans going out

Hey guys, i have seen more than one person pulled in for “cheating” whilst fishing. Now both have streamed, i have seen both and both arent cheating as far as i can tell…

Is there something else going on at AGS?

As one of the highest fishermen in the game it is extremely frustrating, i dont want a ban for myself or other fishermen.

The Laze of Utopia


I gave up on fishing at 145. Can’t stand in one sport more than a few minutes without getting kicked. Its stupid. Might as well just remove it from the game. They jacked up crafting. All you got left is pvp against a horde of whiners or a dungeon grind to 625. AGS killed off all that made this game unique.

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Yeah a streamer ive been doing a Fishing Marathon with has just been banned for exactly this… its really stupid.

Both JJ and Coffee were banned… its crazy myself and coffee were racing to aptitude 500… and i know JJ was just fishing to 200… I almost dont want to log on and risk my almost 200 aptitude levels

Hi There,

Im Cloette, I’ve been fishing along side him the whole event, And yet i am not banned, Go figure… If theyre using some kinda algorithm they should maybe fix it, and ban some actual bots, instead of legit players.

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