Overall Feedback

Just some overall, general feedback…

Finding a group for Dungeons can be tedious. A listing of open groups would be beneficial. This would prevent some of the chat spam that comes from people looking for different groups. Also, this would allow people to see what groups are running, along with roles currently needed. I do not think a “finder” is necessary, but a “listing” would help.

Territory control can be discouraging. With the imbalance of factions, and the punishment associated with not controlling a territory, it only make sense to be part of the dominate faction. I don’t have a suggestion on a real fix as I can only see this change by eliminating factions as a determining factor and focusing battles based on Companies / Guilds / Clans / Tribes / Whatever you call it.

Azoth is a nightmare at times. I usually do not run out, as I enjoy gathering and exploring the world. But, I often hit the cap when in the middle of a quest chain and end up wasting hundreds of Azoth because I am at the cap. I would propose a higher cap.

Fast Traveling cost seems overly punishing. It makes sense that it costs a lot if your inventory is full, but weight and faction control play a huge part in this resource.

Alter the upgrades in towns. While I do not know firsthand, my understanding is the upgrades take a significant amount of coin, and nothing else. The end-game gathering is really just T1 Materials as we need so many to make higher tier items. I would propose a system that requests significantly less coin but supplements various tier materials depending on the level of the upgrade. This would allow there to be more of a market for the upgrades in the sense that people can contribute towards building the town, other than just through the board. I would propose these upgrade payments are tied to the town board so people are rewarded for their contributions.

Eventually, I would love to see the option to have a different Loadout / Spec / Whatever you would call it. Currently I am a Dexterity based character and enjoying every minute. But, I would love the option to have the ability to freely (in town) change to another build. This could be for PvP / PvE purposes, or possibly a Gathering set. This desire is due to the bonuses we get for having points into a specific stat.

Eventually, I would love more cosmetics for weapons and armor. Some that are more focused on other events of that time. Lore wise, I am unsure of the fit, but I would like more variety.

Reconsider the housing taxes. I want to buy a house desperately for the storage, as that is so critical in this game. But, the tax is something I am not sure I can manage. I want to save up and buy the biggest house, have the most storage, but I do not want it to feel like I have to have another job to make another mortgage payment (I already do this in real life). If the coin cost for town upgrades was reevaluated, the housing tax could be eliminated.

Allow harvesting perks to have a chance to trigger on each swing. At current, if you have the appropriate amount of a stat, you can harvest some notes in one swing. Change this to check and trigger on each swing, instead of on the first swing.

Allow custom markers on the map. I would love the ability to mark some of my favorite farming locations in my map. This could include a few basic symbols or icons that have a tag.

Allow for an auto zoom-in setting when you enter a town. This is mostly a QoL improvement as I don’t always need to zoom in, but it would be nice to have this feature automated.

I probably have some more, but these were on my mind. All in all, keep up the improvements and I can’t wait to see where the game goes.

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