Overweight, walk/run bug

Character Name: Morep Gold
Issue that occurred:

I can walk fast and use skills while overweight.
This bug occurred the first time I changed my clothes at the warehouse [while I was overweight].
I restarted the game but this error still persists.
Files checked via Steam, but no errors detected.

Time and Date: 1 pm 10-08-21
World/Server: EU Central - Vanaheim Core - Corbenic
Location where issue occurred: Everfall storage, later everywhere at Aeternum

Video in the link

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The bug only occurs in a certain range for me.
411.9 - 413.5 overweight


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The same happens to me.

Character Name: Gibaso Stone
Issue that occurred: Whenever the character becomes overweight he walk different, faster than normal for overloaded, and the dodge and skills keeps working.
What should I do?
I asked a friend and it doesn’t happen to him.

Time and Date: 10/10/2021
World/Server: Kigal
Location where issue occurred: Anywhere

Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: overload the char capacity and it will be possible to simulate.


This happens in a small range indeed. This bug occurs quite often when I gather resources. I guess it doesn’t matter what kind of an item you take.

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Thank you for submitting this bug report. I want to confirm that this report is being received and will be included in our report to the team. Thank you for your help

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