Overwhelming lack of content for solo play

So, let me start by saying that I realize this game is an mmo and is meant to be played with others, however there are times when you log on and no one else that you play with is on. For example, I work night shift. On my days off, I have a good group to do things with and enjoy the game, however on the days that I work, I get off at 7 am and have nothing to do in the game except for chop trees, fight over ori nodes, etc.

To a player like me, who finds no joy in the monotony of gathering, I’d much rather spend my time pvping or at least pveing mobs that give me a chance at decent loot. The problem is, a lot of servers don’t have oprs popping frequently in the morning, seldom open world pvp, and there are no overworld bosses that are really soloable with a chance for decent loot.

There are, however, a few lower level bosses with decent items (ex. Slayers Crossbow from Slayer Rosellen) that are soloable and yet can’t drop at 600 bc they are gated behind the mobs level.

Honestly, just make any 60+ mob eligible to drop in expertise range even if it’s at a lower chance than say a level 66 mob. I feel like this is a relatively easy fix to get more people engaged in the open world and give those of us who want to play the game but don’t want to just chop trees when their friends aren’t on something to do.


OP is right. This game is basically made for group content for 1st shifters/work from home players. The only exception is moving to super high pop servers where the resource gathering then becomes next to impossible.

Now I am strickly a solo player/crafter…I don’t even belong to a company, faction yes of course lol but no company and I choose this, it’s all me, I just hate pvp and every company from what I’ve seen in Castle of Steel is pvp driven and the game makes it that way due to economy controls by players. Now, on Castle at least, I jump on 5-7am knowing most are asleep or getting their day going (full disability here so I can swing this time frame) but even at 6 in the morning I see call outs for OPR multiple times every morning. If you’re on a US-East, you may want to talk to your friends and consider transferring. Best of luck out there and good luck finding early birds wanting to do OPR’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and this can be fixed really easy.
Add upgrade stones to upgrade rarity color that any monster can drop.
Drastically lower the 590 gs needed to upgrade gs on items.
This would make 99% of the map worth farming again and gives content for solo play too.

@YUMPTruck Thank you for sharing your experiences as a solo player. I have plenty of experience with working night shifts. I truly empathize with you. The Dev team is looking for more ways to facilitate fun gameplay experiences for all players, including solo players! The upcoming Expedition Group Finder will be a step in that direction. Your ideas for encouraging more open world methods of character progression are noted. I will forward them to the Dev team. Thanks again!

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