Overwhelming lag and desync *petition for daily server resets*

cmon now ags… you guys are down to 4 east servers and it feels like we are still on the ol hampster and wheel connection. why is this game still so laggy and desync is still such a problem, we need optimizations and server resets at least every 3 days. like we get it the engine is dogcrap. the least u guys can do is reset servers every 3-5days. Ive been preaching this since the game came out its like after a couple days after a patch or server reset the servers just get flooded. reset the servers… its not that hard to run a command to do it every couple days automatically. get it together already… 2 years almost of this lag fest and literally feels like im being DDoSed when i play New world…

+1 for server resets daily.

@Luxendra @Kay

I’m literally so tired of the random lag and desync. Some months its good and some months it just goes back to being garbage again.

Not all of us play a cleave based melee weapon, some of us actually need OPR to not freeze for the .5 seconds at a time so we can enjoy our gameplay.

I just exited out of OPR to see if there was anything on the forums about this and lo and behold, there’s recent topic about it.


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