Overwolf = ban forever?

using overwolf, lifetime ban?

overwolf, was used only for viewing resources within a radius corresponding to the compass.
total, ban forever ?! without warning messages or bans for several days?!


I do not see the word Overwolf on that appeal denial anywhere. Did I miss it?


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all I used from the 3 point was Overwolf. for what else I could get banned, I do not know. they do not indicate a specific reason.

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man, I have clothes 580 gs, from the market, for 50-200 gold
7 thousand gold in inventory, one house, and filled with 2-3 storage facilities with resources that I walked around and mined for days
and I don’t feel sorry for all this, I feel sorry for the time and character on which I spent a lot of time and effort to upgrade his profession

oooh were you camping that boss that spawned every 5 minutes ???


you left a completely inappropriate comment, this is how the appeal system works. does not understand the problem, but simply creates a script of conclusions and solutions.

sounds like you assuming it was overwolf.

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no, I reached level 60 quite recently, I have not used any exploits

buy any cheap trophies for your house or buy anything cheap to flip for a higher price ?

friend, I am very deeply imbued with this game, I am at a loss for what I got a lifetime ban, I left more than 10 appeals, bought a new game, but I still hope that I will be unblocked

are the 580gs things you bought of TP voidbent ?

you are aware that breaks ToS and could get you perm banned again ?

no, in my only house there are level 2 trophies

That’s not an exploit lmfao

are you asking me not to play my favorite game? when they gave me a ban, for what I didn’t do?

I think this is very strange

what can you advise me?

please see [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Our Stance on Exploits

A bug is when a game mechanic doesn’t work as intended or described in game. Bugs are things that happen by accident to players and we aren’t interested in suspending or banning in the case of accidents. A bug becomes an exploit when players use it intentionally, repeatedly, or both to obtain an advantage over normal game behavior. In cases where it doesn’t seem very clear to an average player that something is a bug, when possible we’ll specifically identify particular bug use as an exploit to warn they will be acted upon.

An example might be a spawn bug. Let’s say there is a particular creature that only spawns once an hour. A player stumbles upon a sequence of actions that cause the creature to spawn instantly. The first time this happens is a bug. But if the player starts going through the sequence many times to spawn the creature and kill it for loot, they’ve become exploitive, using the bug to gain faster loot access than a regular player would.

if you really didnt do it - fill out an appeal and wait for the response