Overwolf = ban forever?

no, in my only house there are level 2 trophies

That’s not an exploit lmfao

are you asking me not to play my favorite game? when they gave me a ban, for what I didn’t do?

I think this is very strange

what can you advise me?

please see [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Our Stance on Exploits

A bug is when a game mechanic doesn’t work as intended or described in game. Bugs are things that happen by accident to players and we aren’t interested in suspending or banning in the case of accidents. A bug becomes an exploit when players use it intentionally, repeatedly, or both to obtain an advantage over normal game behavior. In cases where it doesn’t seem very clear to an average player that something is a bug, when possible we’ll specifically identify particular bug use as an exploit to warn they will be acted upon.

An example might be a spawn bug. Let’s say there is a particular creature that only spawns once an hour. A player stumbles upon a sequence of actions that cause the creature to spawn instantly. The first time this happens is a bug. But if the player starts going through the sequence many times to spawn the creature and kill it for loot, they’ve become exploitive, using the bug to gain faster loot access than a regular player would.

if you really didnt do it - fill out an appeal and wait for the response

Can you read? That literally talks about forcing an instant respawn, not waiting out the five minute timer that is supposed to be a five minute timer.

I don’t understand, I bought them not for voidbend

it wasnt supposed to be a 5 minute timer. thats the point. is it still a 5 minute timer ?

We’re probably talking about different bosses I guess. Which one are you talking about?

I really didn’t do it, but I get one answer from the appeal

how do you know you really didnt do it when you dont know what it was you did ?

580gs voidbent lul


I watch a lot of videos about the game, where streamers translate English content from the forum, from the developers, about various information, there I talked about bans, bans of people that somehow influenced the game economy, I had nothing of value that I could do this , to influence the game, if I did not use cheats, bots and other things, I did not dupal, I did not buy anything of value, I also did not sell anything of value.

I’m in the same situation as you dawg. I got permanently banned for cheating yet I didn’t cheat. No idea what is going on and Support, Developers, anyone won’t clear things up. It’ll be 5 days that I have been pema banned tomorrow for cheating, yet I never cheated. Very sad and very frustrating.


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What boss are you talking about? It sounds like Fay the Last Protector which still spawns at 5 minutes.

Well, I can assure that your ban was not because of overwolf, or you did ignore the warning.

I’ve a single warning and uninstalled the app, it’s not worth it. And I’m not even a level 60yet.
I’ve not been banned and I know that I’ve not break a single rule of the game.

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You don’t get warned or banned for Overwolf. They came out with a statement saying it was OK to use and that they’d warn everyone with plenty of notice to when it was no longer allowed if they made that decision. You got your warning for something else.

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I’m not crying for a ban in the forum, I was just providing a point. And I’ve never been banned in any game.

My warning is not under discussion, you believe it or not. Doesn’t matter and won’t make any difference.