Overwolf = ban forever?

This guy used a much older reply from the devs lol


what is the ban reason
so we can appeal

if none, what the f we want to appeal
unless we really did something illegal

I didn’t receive any warnings. you posted an article about overwolf with the following words, nobody has been banned for overwolf yet.
I didn’t get a warning ban

there is no such thing that I would not like to talk about, it is in my interests to tell everything as it is, because I still believe that I am not guilty and I will be unblocked

the reason for the ban was cheats, except for the overwolf, I did not use anything

Vera I created another topic, where I described the situation in full and covered everything.

I would steer clear of Overwolf all together. Last year I got an insta permaban on Warzone for using Overwolf. I appealed with a letter from MS support saying that there was a known issue with Overwolf and Windows Insider builds that caused the false flag, but typical no-fun Activision’s response was “all bans are final”.

In summary, uninstall Overwolf and never use it again for anything. Not worth the risk.

The warning isn’t a personal warning, what they meant is that they’ll address a warning to the community, you already read the warning, it clearly stated:

How is this not a warning for you?

You got banned for duping, botting or exploting.

Overwolf has nothing to do with it and stop trying to defend yourself with that AddOn, making other people feel uncomfy using the AddOn now.

Overwolf is not an Exploit, since it doesn’t act like an ESP. It shows you, where stuff is but it doesn’t show you if it’s currently UP. As long, as it doesn’t act like an ESP and shows you active nodes and stuff it will be legal to use.

Except what you’re saying is a lie.

An easy search on Google will reveal this from Overwolf Map creators:

It is illegal to use it if it shows resources, period. And that’s from the CREATORS of the Minimap that was in talk with Amazon.

Using an In-game overlay that display locations was illegal

But the AddOn does not pull Information from the Game.

It’s a major difference to me, to show me template, where stuff could and should be or pull active Information, where Nodes and Trees are currently up and not.

That’s at least my Point of View.

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In other words, the addon is not allowed to show anything else that is active on the map, such as resource nodes or enemies. If it pulls such information from the game and displays it on the radar, it becomes illegal and can get you banned.

“not allowed to show anything else that is ACTIVE on the map”

This leaves a big interpretation to me.

This needs to be clarified by a DEV.

EDIT: The AddOn does not show you what’s active - it shows you all possible Spawn Points from DataMiners.

This is a major difference to me. It just makes it easier to manange, then using a NewWorld-Map on another Tab.


I have nothing to hide. can I somehow provide my logins. so that they can completely check my computer and all the information they need?

I agree with this, it doesn’t show live resources so for me there is a difference.

It doesn’t matter if it shows live resources or not, even the creators of the freaking APP you were using have disabled resources on the APP itself and now can only be used as a browser.

You can try to fool yourself with your explanations and so on but it won’t help, it violates Amazon’s ToS, simple, the devs stated it, and the creators of the app stated it too.

PS: And these were static resource nodes that were removed, not dynamic, in other words, they always showed on the mini-map with an on/off filter.
The Mini-Map would never tell you if they’re up, or not, but they would always show you their “location”

As stated by AGS Devs, anything that shows you other than player location, or things within your compass radar, and shows you things that are not unlocked by your trade skills, and or landmarks that are not visible on your map (not explored) etc, is against their ToS.

And that mini-map flagged all of those, because you could see resources way out of range of compass, you could also see them even without unlocking them in trade-skill as tracking, and worst of all, you could even see resources that would never appear on your map or compass, such as chests.

The developers themselves deemed it as against their ToS, and it has been officially stated by the developers of the APP as well.

Dude’s just salty that he’s at a low gear score and poor or salty that he watermarked his way there and everyone else just buys it then watermarks like a smart person.

The devs stated that Overwolf was ok and you wouldn’t get banned for it. They would let us know when it was bannable with plenty of notice. So yes, it was breaking TOS, but no one was banned, and Overwolf fixed the issue now by making it TOS compliant.

All these “getting wrongfully banned” posts are all holding things back and not telling us the full story.

You are banned for cheating. Period.

Uninstall the game and move on.

you can’t believe that there is no secret deception, right? I wish you never faced such a situation

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Once again I say, my character was not super strong, he would not be super rich, he did not have rare resources, I had a very large online experience, I played 200 hours in 14 days. why try to make excuses, why try to unblock your account, why do anything to a person who knows why he was banned? but I don’t fucking know !!! that’s why I’ve been trying to reach technical support for a week, which answers me with copy-paste messages, watch informational videos for a week, run around the forum for a week, create topics, communicate with people. I HAVE GIVEN A LIFETIME BAN, I AM TRYING TO RESTORE FAIRNESS AND TO CHALLENGE THE DECISION THAT HAS BEEN IMMEDIATED TO ME !!! I am absolutely not interested in what you and others like you think of mine honestly, because you finished people do not understand this until you yourself face it