Overwolf = ban forever?

I don’t understand, I bought them not for voidbend

it wasnt supposed to be a 5 minute timer. thats the point. is it still a 5 minute timer ?

We’re probably talking about different bosses I guess. Which one are you talking about?

I really didn’t do it, but I get one answer from the appeal

how do you know you really didnt do it when you dont know what it was you did ?

580gs voidbent lul


I watch a lot of videos about the game, where streamers translate English content from the forum, from the developers, about various information, there I talked about bans, bans of people that somehow influenced the game economy, I had nothing of value that I could do this , to influence the game, if I did not use cheats, bots and other things, I did not dupal, I did not buy anything of value, I also did not sell anything of value.

I’m in the same situation as you dawg. I got permanently banned for cheating yet I didn’t cheat. No idea what is going on and Support, Developers, anyone won’t clear things up. It’ll be 5 days that I have been pema banned tomorrow for cheating, yet I never cheated. Very sad and very frustrating.


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What boss are you talking about? It sounds like Fay the Last Protector which still spawns at 5 minutes.

Well, I can assure that your ban was not because of overwolf, or you did ignore the warning.

I’ve a single warning and uninstalled the app, it’s not worth it. And I’m not even a level 60yet.
I’ve not been banned and I know that I’ve not break a single rule of the game.

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You don’t get warned or banned for Overwolf. They came out with a statement saying it was OK to use and that they’d warn everyone with plenty of notice to when it was no longer allowed if they made that decision. You got your warning for something else.

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I’m not crying for a ban in the forum, I was just providing a point. And I’ve never been banned in any game.

My warning is not under discussion, you believe it or not. Doesn’t matter and won’t make any difference.

Did it specifically say Overwolf? No one I know who uses it including myself has gotten any sort of warning. And they haven’t said anything about it being banned on forums, Twitter, or in game. I assume you got the generic code of conduct warning which can be for something as simple as killing someone and calling them bad if you get reported.

I understand that you can’t get banned forever for a mini-card from overwolf. I have studied the information from the forums. I’m trying to understand and develop the topic. for which I was banned. if I only used a mini-card from overwolf. how could the system put a lock on me for life

Because you have a botting name for a start. Also, only recently hit 60, but also have 580gs? Yea, there’s nothing suspicious about that at all…

Also it’s mini-map, not card. To reiterate, no you don’t get banned for it. It was because of something you abused that you refuse to admit despite the dubiousness of your circumstances.


probably bought the account on blackmarket. ^^

my nickname in the game is jozero. your message is so stupid and inappropriate. that I don’t even want to read. go to the market. look at the prices of green things that give only the basic characteristic. look at what kind of gs they have. not knowing something. do not rush to pour mud on a person

the account was purchased in steam. on my personal account. there is a receipt.

Actually you can get banned for using Overwolf Minimap, if you are using it to show anything else than what they stated.

  1. Player Location
  2. Group Members Location
  3. Compass range location, such as anything that appears on the compass only when your trade skills have unlocked it, AND within its range.
  4. Quest indicators and icons as shown on map, and compass.
  5. Player marks on the map, and as shown on the compass.
    6: Landmarks that are within range of the compass, and already pre-explored.

^ These things are allowed, and you most likely would never get punished for having these filters on.

Anything else than that, will get you banned if checked by a moderation team, that means for example:

1: Anything else that shows on the mini-map that isn’t in range for your compass to reveal, such as mining nodes, gather nodes, etc.
2: Showing Map Marks on mini-map that isn’t explored, such as Dens, Caves, etc.
3: Showing monster spawn locations.
4: Showing locations of resources that would never appear on the compass (Such as chests).
5: Showing nodes or any gatherable that isn’t unlocked by your trade-skill, to be visible on mini-map.

^ This will get you banned, and banned you’ll remain.

  • There has been a straight-out warning for this, and you’ve been warned to remove those filters.

That’s all well and good but AGS are unable to track that as their API only extends to location usage. Unless the app is stupid enough to use a hook for that data, it’s a moot point.

As for Mr Name Change, I’ll sling mud when it fits. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.