Overwolf Minimap Addon - AGS your stance is not clear at all!

You commented without reading his post didn’t you?

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if the title isn’t in line with all the old text…

A like for a well thought out and properly formatted post alone.

Speaking about the minimap it’s clear that AGS don’t want people to use it because they have some kind of a “vision” about improving our “immersion” yet they can’t really ban it knowing that there is no way to completely block tools like this from being used. Couple that with the massive exodus of players and they run the risk of losing even more if they start banning or suspending people that used it.

I have decided the following for myself - it is not an advantage if I use it, it is only a convenience. Being on a single monitor it saves me having to alt-tab a hundred times so I’ll keep occasionally using it. If they ban me then honestly I don’t really care. If that’s the way they want to treat their customers then let it be, except this will be the first and last game I ever buy from this studios. And all for what, because a project manager at AGS didn’t like people seeing iron veins on their minimap?

Also, if they do then we have to assume that it will be a 24 hour ban because they’ve set a precedent with popular streamers exploiting the game far more extremely. They can’t let cheaters and exploiters off the hook and then start mass banning people for using 3rd party tools.

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People will make addons AGS wants it or not. There is a difference between addons and hacks. Addons are improvements to the game. They do things people feel the need to have but that the game doesn’t have.
Why not provide an official API/SDK, enabling developers to create addons while having control over what information should or should not be publicized?
It is just a matter of time until dps meters, kbm, quests tracker, alerts for abilities cooldowns and more comes out. They exist in every mmorpg, why fight against it?

I have played 20+ MMOs and been on just as many forums for them - and not once have I seen a development team so hell bent on not giving an actual answer to a situation which affects player’s that could result in a suspension/ban.

I don’t even want to use the mini-map so it does not affect me - it does affect some member of my Company who wanted to use it though. They have since left the game for a plethora of reasons - this being one of them.

So congrats AGS - your refusal to make a simple declarative statement has driven people away and your continued inane replies to situations will continue the trend. These people, and myself, will not be tricked into buying any future games by this “studio” which apparently lacks any ability to actually communicate with their community.

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They said if they change their minds they’ll warn, SEEMS CLEAR TO ME. Y’all are too pressed about something you don’t gotta even use,think about or care about. Tf crack are some of you on? Fat ass novel book post.


Literally this is the top comment imo.

Theres no reason for this thread to exist, no reason for it to be an essays worth of words and paragraphs.

It’s not even that hard to just use a normal interactive map and know where your location is. Just zoom in where you are and you’re good. The grabbing of your location seems pretty minimal lol.


You could just not use addons in a game that wasn’t designed to use them. And this is coming from a person with 98 addons in WoW Classic, and 73 in ESO. So, yes. I do like me some addons. But only when a game was designed around having them.

I would rather have a “mini” map (laid out like they have on the website [Map | New World]). But small enough that it only shows the zone you’re in. Then allow us to mark on the map POI (resources, vistas, etc).

…you know. Like explorers in Ye Olden Times would do.

Like in WoW, I have a Map addon that takes the world map view and shrinks it from Fullscreen to size I set that’s about 1/4 the game window; enough that I can see where I’m at and where I want to go. But not so large that I can’t see the cliff I’m about to run off.

If I was placing it in NW…I would have it sized to be the width of the Inventory Space indicator to the “1” and “2” of the slotted weapons indicator. And the height would be from the bottom border of Weapon 2’s “box” to the top of the border of the consumables “bar”.

That establishes the size. Now the location…

I’d place this “mini” map above the consumable bar with the same “padding” that is present between the consumable bar, Weapon 1, and Weapon 2 frames.

And, of course, selectable transparency.

There you have it. In game, officially support (because it’s made by AGS) map that function much better than the compass and flipping the map screen up and down every couple of seconds.

Having a mini map would be nice sometimes, because I’m tired of toggling to the map and in game. It’s not a big issue but it would be nice to have.

How I understand that is that showing WHERE a resource would be is okay. Showing if the resource IS OR ISNT THERE is not okay.

Basically everyone knows where the resources are because of map genie but not everyone knows if that resource has been harvested or not. So knowing that would give you the advantage of being at that location, even thou you are not. So you would know to skip that node.

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The stance is clear, people are just 0 IQ.
AGS has nothing to do with the external tools, just the queries that they allow to their APIs.
For now using API for location access is fine. So as long as Overwolf mini-map or any other tool just uses live location it’s fine. if it’s more than that then it’s a ban. Resources in the map, if they’re static & not pulled from APIs it’s fine.


It’s clear.

Overwolf is allowed, as long overwolf respect their condition.

If they don’t follow the condition AGS will notify the players base in advance that overwolf is not allowed.

End of the story.

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You can not use overwolf minimap addon if you can not disable the resource (that youve not discovered) from being collected or shown…

TL:dr you cant disable whats not allowed, thus it isnt technically allowed… and until they allow us to disable it, we’re not supposed to use it… They are turning a blind eye for now, until when and if they change their minds, they will let us know before they take action … YMMV

Just because that’s not the answer you want, doesn’t mean it’s not clear…

“because they’re a good tool that fixes inherent problem that the game has”

I don’t see any problem playing the game without a minimap and with the map provided. (incoming war popups are stupid) I actually prefer it without a minimap. Kids today want the game to play itself. There should be an option when buying a game to pay extra $20 and when you install it and turn it on it will say GAME COMPLETED VICTORIOUS. Yea put there minimap put there every single generic shit from every single generic mmorpg to make it look and feel like every single generic theme park shit that everybody’s been fed up with since wow became a boring shit and all the copycats with it

So much misinformation being thrown around in this thread…
the OFFICIAL position:

The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as we do on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass


Is there an overwolf map that doesnt break these rules? It seems impossible because overwolf cant know what you should be allowed to see based on your skill levels without pulling more information than your location from the game.

I’d say you’re risking your account if you use it. You KNOW the addon is breaking the rules.

Amazon controls the Overwolf API in the game. If they don’t have the appropriate feature set to implement their “requirements”, that’s their issue to fix.

A more important issue is that it’s literally impossible to enforce. The game doesn’t even see what code is running in Overwolf. They will never know whether a player has edited one line of JavaScript ECMAScript to remove this restriction. All this “rule” does is create a division between players who edit their map module and therefore get an “advantage”, and those who don’t. It’s a bad decision.

Really? My gathering skills are all 200 (aside from fishing). Tell me what rule i would break using it.

I’m waiting.

Now we could debate a few things:

  1. Should fishing hotspots be shown if they aren’t unlocked?
  2. Should prismablooms be shown? i don’t think these ever show on the compass?
  3. Should chests be shown? i don’t think these unlock either.
  4. Should documents be shown? These never show on the compass.
  5. What about monsters? The compass shows a predator’s current position, but the minimap cannot know this and displays static information.
  6. WTF is the range of the compass anyway? It’s pretty hard to tell, at times I see icons at seemingly huge distances on the map, other times I don’t see an ore node until i’m practically on top of it, and yet other times the compass tracking doesn’t work at all.


  1. You can’t use a locked hotspot anyway, even if you know where it is. (I tried weeks ago.) So WTF even cares?
  2. Ironically, the icons in the “addon” for prismablooms are so bad they’re basically useless anyway. Also prismablooms are not at all difficult to acquire, and are largely useless at the moment because you can’t dye skins. So again, who cares.
  3. Meh.
  4. There is literally no “competition” of any sort for documents, so don’t pretend this is any kind of issue. The inability to differentiate which ones you already have kinda makes this feature useless anyway, though.
  5. IDK, maybe they should add an API so the minimap can display the right location? What could possibly go wrong. (Just another reason these “rules” don’t make sense.)
  6. I guess if we want to truly emulate compass functionality, the minimap should randomly stop working until you relog. But hey, maybe this is an “immersive” feature of the compass.

And again, i have to point out, there is no way to enforce these things anyway. The minimap doesn’t get node data from the game, so there is no way for the game to control or even know what it displays.

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My compass works MAYBE 10% of the time. I play on a high pop server so I’m not relogging and waiting in queue to fix it. Even when it is working, tracking distances are so random that it’s often better for me to just use a map on a second browser than even bother looking at the compass.

I’d rather the overwolf minimap than have to do that due to convenience but either way I’m getting this information.


If you have to read between lines to know what they mean then their statement is not clear in any sense of the word. I say this because what you are reading between the lines is different from what other people are reading between the lines.

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