Owl transport Item from wherehouse suggestion

Wherehouse is not connected in every town. Sometimes is needed material from another city. Suggestion: add transport guild and building on every city with eg. owl which transport one materiał for small amout azoth and gold depend from heavy.


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If your faction domain the towns you can but the problem if your faction dont have towns :frowning: sorry for my english

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I undestand. But this mean that we have 2 options. low crowded servers with poor craft stations but change to get city or normal merged servers when you must be member the biggest guild.

here is the solution:


  • u can still get more space by getting territory standing (infact this would probably become ALOT more valueble then currently is)

  • The grind is already real, now we also need to PUZZLE where to store it.

    Where the fck am i gonna store all this atm? every storage in every settlement has stuff in it… and its almost all max capped. on top of it i gotta walk/teleport for missing mats and whatnot, it takes away from the fun of crafting. i kinda gave up on this a while ago.

  • TP’s got linked, so why not the storages aswell? the main point of split storage was for the merchants who traveled from town to town for the price differences on the different TP’s.

Anddd i can probably think up 1 or 2 more good reasons. but if the point hasnt been made yet then its probably fallen on def ears anyway.

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