Owning Territories is Too Expensive!

We get absolutely nothing for owning a territory. As the matter of fact it’s costing us money!

Devs can you please either lower the cost of upgrades or give some form of daily revenue income that’s not tied to taxation? Please help us financially. As of right now we would have to seriously overtax an entire community just to afford upgrades that keep getting downgraded!

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Cmon devs…

Territories are downgrading too often with this limited income you’re giving us. Even if we maxed out taxes we still couldn’t afford the constant downgrades! Pleas lower or eliminate the costs!

We. Need. More. Gold!

There is no problem with the costs.
It just is how people are: they stick to the simple solution and will stay where already the most upgrades are.
This will lead to a mass of money in Windsward (because this is likely the first occupied territory), people doing upgrades their, owning houses their, spending money there.

It is not the lack of money in general, just the lack of people having any motivation to go out of a reasonable comfort zone.

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Make the property tax fixed
    Purchasing a house in a city effectively shackles you to it. There is little you can do but to swallow the pill if a company decides to max it overnight. The is no system to overthrow a company (and that could easily be abused) and the cost to move is just as prohibitive as the tax itself. You lose a lot if you decide not to pay. Having access to 3 trophies is a huge part of the endgame.
  2. Make the town upkeep scale with the amount of properties that have been purchased in a city
    The more people live in a town, the more activity it generates and thus the more gold flows. It’s no secret that almost everyone has a house in either or both Windsward and Everfall and those towns rake in all the money. It would make sense that their upkeep is higher to balance it out.

You are talking about abandoned areas, right? Because owning Everfall, Windsward or Brightwood worth a lot.

What need to be done is a better balance on the less populated zones.

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