Pacifist character can no longer sell on marketplace?


I can’t complete quests - when they require killing. :frowning:

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Probably something something bots or something something gold sellers

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So you’re role playing as a conscientious objector?

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He’s probably a follower of this site


You Jehowas Witness or Amish :rofl:

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Flagg for PvP and market works

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This is a valid point. However, knowing that people are playing this route in the game, is a little overzealous.

Playing this way would have been a choice.

Actually, I completed pacifism route during the Alpha and Mela_Zedik and I have spoken before the game launched.

To flag for pvp, I need to do the second quest on wards from the beach. Requiring me to kill three mobs, kill a boar, skin it, cook meat, and on and on before finally choosing a faction. If what you say is true - even a faction less play through, is no longer possible. These various routes of playing the game, gave variety and it would be a shame if AGS loses them, for the sake of a few malcontents runing it for all.

Pacifist is a choice of the player and thankfully - some have started and completed it already since launch and since the changes, but it’s a shame that others have had two different options, taken from them.

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I wanted to double check this.

As it turns out, (I’m checking from First Light missions on a new character),

  • Complete the beach missions
  • Head to town
  • Speak to Oakes
  • Speak to Bond
  • Register at Inn
  • Next mission is to find Storage/Marketplace
  • As you run to Marketplace - it’s now open to trade.

Factionless run is possible at least.

However, to sell as a pacifist, you’d need to complete upto Magistrate Bond missions, which requires kills. :frowning:

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I wonder @Kay - Can inquiry’s be made into allowing “Pacifist” characters the ability to jump past the quests? Or get past a certain level to open trade without doing the quests? As someone who followed my Alpha thread - you already know how hard it is, with no camps etc, getting stuck in corners and unable to get out, etcetera.

We kinda need access to marketplace - to buy gear - to sell resources.

Maybe group with someone and let them kill what needs to be killed?

I believe you have to hit the mob at least once to gain xp.

Good one OP :rofl:

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Factionless is possible and I’m doing it atm, but come with some restrictions:
-you can’t craft bags (no rune of holding locked under faction missions), you can’t have npc given ordinary bag, even being a side quest, is locked until you proceed to main questline, that requires you to join a faction
-you can’t upgrade your fire camp, despite being also a side quest is locked under main questline
-you can’t get azoth on regular ways because quests that give azoth starts when you join a faction, but you can overcome this issue if you get a perk to drop azoth on your gathering tools.
-Only available quests are town projects.

Those are the things that needed to be changed to make a bit more QoL for factionless players. I already have a lvl 20 factionless toon on a high population server.

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Can’t you buy runes of holding?

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Hey, thanks for responding @Murkalael

  • Just to clarify, people can purchase the runes and post them on marketplace. Though to be fair - often bags are posted with Azoth Extraction and Luck, so it may be cheaper to just purchase them rather than make them.

  • You can acquire tools from marketplace that have Azoth extraction.

As a side note. During my alpha pacifist run, I did several runs of 100 tools. This is the amounts needed for Iron Sickles. During the process, I would get tools with Azoth Extraction.

  • 7 Iron Ingots per item. (700 in total = 2800 Iron Ore)
  • 2 Timber per item. (200 in total = 800 Green Wood)
  • 1 Coarse Leather per item. (100 in total = 400 Rawhide)

This should help a little.

I would had to do a research to answer @radosc but you already made my work easier, I thought every single faction item were bound on pickup.

Always good to take a little time for research.

This may help - a list I created a while back - Collection of useful websites and socials

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