Paid faction transfer tokens

Can we please get paid faction transfer tokens? This would bypass the faction cooldown. I know people would by them and only makes sense. I know this would help keep people in the game more to be able to play with friends and a company. If a company wants to swap colors it prevents some in company from being left behind.

Thank you for the suggestion, DoobieScoobie. What do you think would be the best price for a faction transfer token?

I agree! Same price as the server transfer token is fair imo.

However there should probably be a baseline cd on like 7days even if you can buy a token to switch. So when you buy ig you reduce the cd by a certain amount or to 7 days. This is to prevent abusing the system to win-trade wars and stuff.

That question from Moderator asking, sounds like → Ouh yeah very interesting tell me about the Price, but we are not implementing it anyways.

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I agree that the same cost as the server transfer would be acceptable. I also agree it should have a 7 day cooldown or a longer cooldown to prevent overuse.

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