Paid tokens and game is dieing

Are any of the devs aware of the fact that of something like 50 servers only 3 are active right now and every other server is dieing? Is it fair, for them, that I used my token to transfer from a dead server to another that had 1.200 players and in the arch of a month this is in the same state of the one I left? Is it fair that I have to pay 12€ to buy a token to transfer when it is not some spoiled request because I don’t like the server but because the server has not enough people to up-keep the content in-game? This is also the reason why a lot of already not so big player base left in the last period, cause I’m not paying a token when you did created the problem in the first place creating 50 servers and not merging when needed. Moneyback is also not granted, so how am I supposed to play on a game that actually don’t allow you to solo most of the stuff when there’s no people around? I have already paid the game, why do I have to pay more to keep playing?


Yea, I’m in the same boat. My server, Orun, is my 3rd server. It had a population >1500 when I joined. Then AGS decided to lock transfers to the server, and since then the population declined. Now the server hovers around 200-300 players during prime time. It has 225 players currently.

No logical person will pay to continue this cycle (transfer to new high population server->population declines->transfer to new server->repeat). They will just quit and new world’s player base will decline even more rapidly.

If they actually cared about retaining players they would always be looking to merge servers when needed. I have a suspicion they are just trying to make as much money as possible before shutting it down.


I asked myself the same question. I can’t understand why they let the servers die. We had a really nice companie, but meanwhile, many have lost their interest cause of the dieng server. To think that should be the solution to buy another transfer token is a really cheeck.

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You’re broke, just say that.

I don’t understand this attraction to responses that absolutely will turn players away faster than gain them.


Toward OP (and AGS): I think the trick now will be to keep paid xfers (no real point removing them), but to start marking servers on a RYG system. Red is a server that is absolutely being merged; yellow is a server that, if there are not enough red servers, will merge into other servers to make up differences; green should be servers that are sufficient, or could be merged into.

They need to start a serious project with the server merges because it’s a big issue with lots of players and yes, it’s entirely plausible to have blown two free moves with this, especially if you’re hoping to rest on a med/low pop server.

They need variety, but they could have like 1/3 their current servers and still be overprepared.

Thank you for the 2 cents!

they shouldn’t let small children play either …

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The multiple servers and player caps are because of open world PvP and the settlement control system. Ultimately the player cap is meant to have a reasonable population vying for settlements and to keep wars at a reasonable frequency, and to prevent companies from having nothing to do because too many other companies already pushed influence and declared war at every possible territory.
What they didn’t realize was just how quickly OWPVP would die off because legit players are driven away by cheaters and exploiters who aren’t banned. And the overall UNpopularity of OWPVP in general.

Get rid of the player-controlled settlement system and instance wars with unlimited repeats just like OPR – because now wars are not tied to a Settlement or any one defending company’s membership. Then you can get rid of server caps and just have a couple of megaservers.
This is just another issue with the player-controlled settlement system, one of many.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But why do that now when AGS can just keep making money from PvPers before the population completely dies off? Just keep selling transfers instead of doing the tedious work of merging servers. Then when a server’s population is too low, they just need to do a few transfers and axe that server.

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