Paid Transfers Yet?

Is there any news anywhere on paid transfers yet? The server that I transferred to for my friends got even worse because of massive drama lol wars have become a ghost town where 1 side only has 4-6 people average. I bet I’m on probably the worst server out there and would really enjoy a paid transfer about now

I’m in the same boat as you. Transferred to join my friends and their company, only for the server to fall apart a week later. As none of them had used their transfer tokens, they abandoned ship, leaving me essentially stranded. Wouldn’t mind paying money to be able to play with my boys again, it’s demotivating doing everything solo with very few other people online to do any group-based content with.

At least for now I’m taking the opportunity to get my gathering skills up whilst it’s so quiet, but the game just isn’t quite the same anymore.

Same boat here, my server is dead

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