Parrot drama queens, new changes are fine

New changes are fine, if you use your brain you’ll see that crafted gear will still remain relevant for the primary purpose that its always been relevant, being able to buy perks and stats on gear pieces. Morever, crafted gear will scale with your expertise.

Stop crying about anything you can look to cry about.

being a fresh 60 and buying 600 gearscore indeed made the end game grind futile. Now there’s some incentive.

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No one got void bent so they could get 514 gear stats and scaled down perks.


there is 1 thing i hate in this patch preview. They make new world a daily grinder with a limitation how often you can do different things like opr until you get no rewards for it anymore. This sounds terrible. Basically i cant grind a certain gypsum as long as i want because its daily capped… wtf is that shit. Also they seem to nerf crit dmg if i understand that post right, so heavy axe user gonne be even stronger… you must be kidding me

if you have void bent right now, you will certainly be 600 gear score by 2022 if you arent already, stop talking out of your ass.

I’m concerned that none of the new resources supporting the new mechanics are said to be market tradeable.

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