Part feed back/part bugs

Quests in great cleave and other out post areas can tend to give gear with a durability of 350, this causes things to break within 2-5 min. Given the level of the area, quests, and time put in; the durability of items should be increased to normal levels.

The ‘you are abandoning event’ thing is still getting stuck on screen every so often.

Tracking for quests, ore, plants, animals, party members is repeatedly stopping after 30min - 2 hours of play. Possible memory leak? Impossible to tell without some sort of debug log to see what is causing it all to stop working.

Tracking of ore and plants has a very short range, you can literally see the things before they are showing on your tracking.

Respawning ore nodes can become invisible, requiring a relog to see/mine them.

Drops for fae iron, petrified wood, and such things, even with maxed luck gear at 200 gathering levels are still nearly non-existent. These things are for low level items, adjust rng percentage. They should be obtainable at 50 gathering level at a minimum, not 160+.

Adding the mod items to gear which increase armor smithing/weapon smithing/ etc is non-existent; however, the mods are in storage. They simply cannot be added to any gear whatsoever.

Shields give no crafting xp, not armor, not weapon, though they clearly display they should give weapon crafting xp. Please fix.

Corruption nodes respawn nearly five min after clearing. Perhaps increase the time between these.

Gold rewards are minimal from quests (board and faction). Please increase slightly. If taxes is raised in a territory then doing some of the board quest becomes a money sink loosing nearly 10x’s the amount gained.

Guild messages of the day repeatedly kick you out when typing unless unbinding all keys, there is no copy and paste option, and posting your discord link for your company is a ‘bad word’. Please update this section in companies.

Companies are extremely limited, please expand ranks, allow for company shared storage with tabs for gear and resources.

Storage is extremely limited, it’s another failout 76 senerio, where you can nearly carry more than you can store once you have good bags. Please increase initial storage to at least 2k lbs, and make the upgrades 100 lbs a piece. For a game focused around crafting it had to be known that massive amounts of storage would be needed.

Auction houses - you can view every territory, but only buy from the one you are in. Allow for the buying from every where if you can view them. I doubt people are going to spend more azoth or time traveling just for a few cents savings.

Large scale groups (15 - 50) are now constantly flagging (on Utensia at least) and muscling people out of questing areas, world boss farming areas, and so on while displaying rude and vulgar behavior. Apparently reporting these individuals isn’t working and a small group of five flagging isn’t going to do anything about them. There is also the rounding up of large groups of mobs by these people and running pass parades on unflagged individuals and killing them intentionally. The atmosphere is getting very toxic with some of the constant flagged pvp players. Some additional moderation is required.

Guild invites, even when refused, are remaining stuck in panel and will not go away even if repeatedly clicking the x. It just says you cannot join another guild while in one, even though you are not trying to join but just refuse and get rid of the notification. Please fix.

Limited territories, please allow fort guild halls with features for companies which do not own territory. It can go off the housing system, and doesn’t have to be in a town necessarily. Optional properties for guilds with their own stations would be a huge boon.

Crafting station upgrades are bugging out and not upgrading when completed. Leaving territories sometimes in a constant down grade from invasions.

Invasion mob difficulty is extremely difficult, even with over 520 gear scores at level 60 these mobs demolish players, doors, turrets, and so on. The ‘minimum level 50’ requirement is a joke when you need to be nearly full end gear to deal with such a thing. Adjust difficulty.

The stealth nerf on the quantity of gathered materials from trees, ore nodes, and animals has not been appreciated after the last patch. Undo the stealth nerf.

Group farming of large areas of lost, specifically near the pig farm area, by rounding up all the lost there and training them to one spot for a massive wipe is causing massive lag spikes in server play and disconnecting people. This has been a serious issue on Utensia with several companies in particular, and has not been remedied by moderation so far. If it keeps up it will cause issues just like the pig farming.

Some world boss drop items seem to be missing proper names and look to still have item tags in place of names, mainly from bosses in the out post regions. Please look into and adjust names.

Weapon crafting xp is minimal compared to other crafting, please look into and adjust.

Elite areas are very over powered in regards to health, even ten to twenty levels above the areas. Please look into and adjust accordingly.

While iron seems to be very plentiful across the majority of the map there are some areas severely lacking in it. Please add more nodes to outpost areas, morningdale, and reek water. After all, you basically need massive amounts of iron for nearly all crafting. By massive, I honestly mean hundreds of thousands of ore just to level crafts. The conversion rate between ingots is absurd and costly.

This is really all that comes to mind at this time.

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The last update did some great things.

The guild requests are finally gone!
The ‘abandoning event’ finally seems gone!
Fishing seems to lag out the game upon leveling up if doing for a long time, almost crashing the game.
Mobs in reekwater can now spawn with 6 times the normal amount! They are tired of players beating them and can/will roll over you with 20+ of the same guards spawning at the same points.

There is still no gold in fishing treasure chests, leaving the only way to make money by farming mobs for 3 - 8 gold every 10-15th thing killed, .57 cents for a corruption portal, or town board/faction missions. Mind, town board requests which need items made will cost you more than they pay out. Thus, in order to pay those high fees’, taxes, and keep your home you are literally going to have to grind out things for hours every week. . .assuming you can cover gear repair costs. There are no npc merchants to buy off junk or sell useful things like flux/herbs/sandpaper/etc.
Who ever came up with the economic idea of this game should probably take some business classes and rethink the whole thing.
Solution to failing economy issues:
Add gold back to fishing, make chests fight more like legendary fish.
Add npc merchants - tavern keepers buy food products/sell spices and herbs, carpenters/jewelers/masons/etc can be added to only buy specific things or finished products.
Reduce repair gold cost.
Increase gold out put from repeatable quests.
Allow for markets to be accessed from any trader.
Reduce item movement between storages and remove the whole ‘a faction must control the territory’ thing. That shouldn’t even matter when moving things.

Companies taking over multiple territories, then abandoning them, switching factions and then attacking them from a different faction has been harming entire servers, why this is even allowed is mind blowing. And, since server transfers aren’t working it seems, people can’t leave without having to start over from scratch somewhere else. This is so discouraging that quitting the game seems a more viable option than putting up with the poor attitudes, bullying, and lack of options.

I haven’t found any issues with healers so far, other than their healing capability going down which is making some dungeons near higher levels much more dangerous. Tanks only have so much stamina, that healing and team work is needed.

Ore nodes, skinning, lumbering, all of these seem to be producing less base resources, even with multipliers added to gathering quantity. While this is annoying, it is not game breaking.

Some items from quests in the out post areas still seem to still have reduced durability, perhaps left over from alpha, at 350. This makes these upper level hand outs worth nothing more than scrap.

Guild messages still require the unbinding of nearly all keys, there is not copy paste, and multiple issues with saving messages.

Guilds/companies need the ability to have shared storage, guild halls or store fronts or crafting halls (rentable buildings). This would ease up the issues with limited territories some and allow for smaller guilds to become more productive.

Debuffs from ice gauntlets last excessively long compared to debuffs from melee/ranged/healers. Specifically slowing and nearly rooting others.
Making other weapons function on the same level would be more balancing.

New weapons would be nice, there are rumors of void gauntlets (which hopefully will fall into focus spec), earth magic, dual pistols, and dual swords. Though, this is something that obviously takes a great deal of time and may not be seen anytime soon.

The requirement for orbs should become less costly or removed all together for dungeons. Currently it is not worth making dungeon orbs due to the sheer expense of making them. Once more, a fail on the economic balance in this game. I do not think they should be removed per say, but the cost of the chisels needs to be reduced so that players profit from the dungeon runs not loose out 75 to hundreds of gold per run. When you factor in repair costs on items the cost of running a dungeon goes even higher.

All of the outpost areas should institute some way of upgrading the crafting benches at each outpost. If this is a feature of the rush I am unaware of it, but as it look currently they are all stuck at tier 3, even in the high level areas which makes little to no sense. At least scale them with the area levels, great cleave tier 3, edengrove tier 4, shattered mountain tier 5.

The companies really need a great deal of love, quality of life sort of things. Better interfaces for messages, storage, the ability to rent company halls or store fronts, etc. Everything is very limited on that front currently.

Weapon smithing needs some improvement on crafting xp compared to other crafting. This is certainly a thing, especially since shield crafting lends no cxp whatsoever to anything. I double checked, you do not get the cxp listed for weapon or armorsmithing, you just make shields and they are there.

Material conversion rates should be examined, or reworked. Certain things make no sense at all, such as gold ingots needing silver and flux to make. Or needing 4-8 ore and 2-4 ingots to make one of a higher tier. Was it even considered how much material that actually is? How much metal that is? It’s the same with wood working, leather working. The crafting conversions seem to make less sense the more they are examined. This excludes the fact that master craftsmen and refiners cannot make base components such as sand paper, flux, solvent, and tannin (which is basically piss).
This leaves out the fact that master jewelers cannot turn gold ingots into gold coins, which might actually fix the economy with out any additional changes to existing systems.

Storage in towns for this crafting game is too limited and starting to become reminiscent of failout 76. It had to of been a though that when a person literally need hundreds of thousands of materials to work on a singular craft that just maybe 100lbs of starting storage and a 25lb increase every so often would be no where near enough. This of course doesn’t include the nearly laughable increase by extremely limited chests with in overly expensive housing (which by the way can cost hundreds to over a thousand gold to keep every week),
The simplest solution to storage is to have it all shared, and have it unlock as you first visit each town. This would solve all storage issues and end the market storing of items in order to reduce the excessive costs or time of having to literally move things across the entire world all the time.

Drop rates for things such as petrified wood, fae iron, furs, and other things are nearly non-existent. The only solution to this is to actually increase their drop rates. After getting 200 logging and nearly every gathering skill, having full luck gear, gathering tools, and trophies, and food, I can honestly tell the dev team that the drop rate on gathering is more of a joke than a grind. The rng is so bad that the materials may as well not exist at all.

Side quests are very rewarding, monetarily and xp wise. Great job there!

Tier 5 camps seem a bit lacking, and should perhaps include more cooking options or more utility, such as being able to refine the first tier of materials across the board. However, the ability for anyone to bind to your camp should be removed, and opposing faction camps should be able to be destroyed. Camps have been, and still are being abused, as respawn points during open world pvp. Now, this could be added to the flagging, where as if some one is flagged and an opposing faction then their camp can be destroyed.
The only ones who should be able to bind to a camp should be the creator, party members, guild members, and/or friends of the maker of said camp.

The lost have combat animal companions , the corrupted have combat animal companions, the angry earth have combat animal companions. We however do not, even though in some of the letters from lore it show people with hunting dogs and so forth. Perhaps at some point a third spec for weapon trees could allow for hunting/combat animal companions.
Obviously this is something that would take some time.

That’s all that comes to mind at this juncture.

+1 for your in-depth response.

In my Alpha/Beta/Launch experience, your feedback on bugs would be better placed in the Bugs & Exploits section. I have a hunch those are more closely monitored by the Devs for faster fixes - whereas these other forums focus on longer-term mechanical changes and content upgrades.

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Ah, the latest patch.

Healers have become practically useless now, so now doing any sort of dungeon will become more cost intensive and a pain in the back side. This makes dungeons less of something to do unless having a free orb from quests.

Requests for guild/company enhancements and economy fixing have seemingly been pushed to the back of the list, if there is a list, in favor of destroying healing and damage. As, once you hit past 250, you damage starts scaling backwards. . .down. . .down into some abysmal rabbit hole of low numbers.

Monetary rewards for faction and board quests are still laughable. As are monetary gains from the infinite spawning corruption portals which never seem to go away, even if completely wiped from a region, coming back five to ten min later at best.

Spawn rates are seemingly below a minute now, which is causing mob farming of questing areas , causing lag, and allowing people to power level basic levels, weapons, and so forth with minimal effort as a high level kills everything for the lower levels. An easy fix for this would be the tried, tested, and working system of level restrictions in parties.

Armor seems to be less effective, as damage is nearly twice what it was before the patch when getting hit by something.

Your auction house items get sold while off line, and now you get no money. Maybe this is the economic fix, by bleeding people even more dry than just with absurd taxes alone.

Harvest drops have gone down again after the patch, less resources per node, tree, animal.
The ability to gain rare drops from ore, trees, and such is nearly non existent even with trophies, gear, and food to boost your luck.

Entire servers are still at the mercy of the few so far as crafting station upgrades. With no tiering of stations in the outpost areas then people will simply be stuck with substandard gear or have to farm for hours to kill the ever elusive 45 sec to 1 min respawning bosses. As, going into the legendary dungeons would now be suicide with low end tier 5 gear, nerfed healers which are basically just cheerleaders now, and backwards scaled damage.

It’s all very frustrating to the point that the game is now becoming unenjoyable and there are fewer and fewer reasons to stick around and play it.

I hope the dev team is looking more at the successful mmo games and what was done right rather than listening to the people who have absurd and vulgar names cry about how they can’t one shot a healer.

Corruption portals now cause crashes when trying to destroy them, average gold earned from a level 45 and below portal is .45 cents.
Weapon repair costs per portal is around 20-120 gold.

I personally was really looking forward to this game, it’s future expansions, and working with others to go dungeoning, crafting, and so forth. But, it’s become rather sad and unplayable nearly in regards to any of that.

Additional things have been discovered:

Some chests, particularly large ones near area/world bosses have become unlootable.
Crafting will now sometimes not work at all, even if you have materials, level requirements, and bench.

Satisfying meals, strong health, and strong regen potions are more effective than the ‘improved’ healers.

Territories are being abandoned as people leave and everything is slowly descending into nothingness.

Gold earned per corruption portal- tier 45 = .78 cents, 35 = .56 cents, 25 = .48 cents. Repair costs per portal = 10 to 30 gold.

There is no tiering to the amount of azoth despite increased difficulty of higher level corruption portals.

There is no current way to do anything about abandoned territories within the faction. Faction change over cool downs are 120 days, so, once more the server has to rely on a small group of random people to do something to fix the situations.

Dealing with elite areas 60+, even with near 550 gear score is next to impossible now with lack of healing and nearly instant respawn rates.

Corruption portal creatures are elite but give no weapon xp, regular xp, drops, etc. and the rewards from portal destroying themselves are laughable compared to the cost of doing them.

Invasions are apparently nearly impossible to deal with, the constant beating down and loss of money/upgrades/ and so on is one of the major factors people are leaving and moving on to a different game.

Ores, trees, interactable things, and so forth are now vanishing and not respawning with out relogging more often than before.

Despite there being a bot reporting function, the same bots continue farming the same exact spots day after day even if reported.

Potential Solutions:

Revert the vast majority of things back to beta, weapon specs, gatherables/minables/harvestables, and such. As they seemed to be working just fine then.

Improve guild/company qol, options for storage, and add in guild halls with upgradeable crafting tables.

Tier up the crafting tables in the outpost areas, tier 3 in great cleave, tier 4 in edengrove, tier 5 in shattered mountain. This will also allow for quest completions, as some of the item making quests require tier 4 or higher to complete it seems.

Add in side quests which can allow craftspeople to learn how to make base game weapons/armor, ie the dryad stuff, lost stuff, corrupted stuff.

Add in the other faction missions for which there are achievements for, as it stands currently they do not exist, but the achievements are there.

Fix the syncing issues with titles and achievements. Currently they stop syncing, or resync each log in and give you duplicate titles/achievements.

Add some system in to deal with the abandonment of territories.

Standardize azoth costs, regardless of territory rulership and weight. As it stands now it makes no sense why a faction ruling a territory should increase or decrease costs, same with weight. It should be based on distance from location instead. I.e. same territory 40 azoth, 1 away 60, 2 away 80, etc. and so on.

Adjust corruption portal respawn timers, giving portals between a 1 and 3 hour respawn timer based on their level would be pretty nice.

Adjust the difficulty or hp of certain creatures in the invasions, namely spriggans and priests, which can one shot a person with 12k + hp. By adjust I mean lower their hp.

Add npc merchants with specific buying:
Tavern npcs that buy and sell basic food components, meats, cheeses, vegetables, herbs, etc.
Smithing npcs which buy and sell ore/ingots.
Carpenter npcs which buy and sell wood products.
Etc. and so on.
Base what they can buy/sell of the level of crafting benches in the towns, and don’t make their buy prices lower than the crafting fee’s.

Adjust respawn timers for basic mobs to over 45 sec/1 min to 1-10 min based on level. The higher the level the longer the timer.

Fix the barley in monarch bluffs(?)(will have to double check location), as it stand right now it can only be picked for a town quest, otherwise it can only be stared at.

Return healers abilities to them to heal people in dungeons and the world in general so that their incredibly limited focus only build is still useful in some way.

Remove the ‘key’ requirements and party requirements for going into dungeons and instead institute minimum level requirements for dungeons.

Add in decreased or no xp gain for parties with more than a ten level gap in members in regards to weapon xp and mob xp to stop the constant round up farming of quest areas. The constant round up mass kill of creatures is causing server lag just so people can cheese the system and power level.

Add in quest sharing if party members are on the same quests.

Add in dungeon que/party request ui. This will make grouping for dungeons a little easier instead of people continuously blasting faction or global chat.

Isolate and fix issues with invisible respawns, title and achievement syncing. Honestly, I think you guys might be on your own trying to figure those out. Relogging does make the things become visible once more, so maybe that will help?

Add in a revolt or over throw system so that inner faction can fix abandoned territories without having to rely on or beg another faction to attack the territory and waste 15k or more. Abandonment can be triggered via not paying upkeep/taxes.

Increase basic required material harvest quantities on iron, green wood, and raw hide. Other resources seem fine with the exception of fur, thick fur, and infused fur, which although grey materials hardly ever appear even with 200 skinning and full luck gear and housing trophies.

Fix the drop rates of rare materials from ores, trees, skinning, and harvesting. Using luck gear, having house trophies, and luck enhancing foods should increase chances of getting things, not be a requirement to.

Return gold to fishing treasure chests and deal with the real problem of looking into and banning farming bots, gold sellers, and so forth.

Raise the rewards monetarily for faction and town board quests, also some more diversity would be amazing. Add in the faction quests from the achievements.

Allow for more customization of crafted gear over tier 3, by that point master craftspeople should be able to use more than one mod and be able to tailor gear to themselves and their customers. Being able to tailor appearances and add their name to their crafted items would be a nice qol addition as well, but would obviously take time.

Please, please, please increase town storages.

For guild halls, if the idea is even being considered, perhaps some of the areas outside of towns in the country sides which are filled with spawns would be nice. This could allow for a whole new questing system specifically for companies which are small and do not own a territory. Start with ruined buildings, and upgrade them to add features, benches, storage, or whatnot. You would still have to protect them, or hire npc guards to protect them from say, mini invasions? Just shooting out ideas on this.

Add the hiring of npc guards for forts, which can be upgraded just like the turrets. For non war/invasion use, just to actually guard the fort. The current system where some solitary random person can just walk in and take and entire fort is laughable at best. Make them actually earn it. Tiers: 1 lvl 25 up to 5 guards, tier 2 lvl 35 up to 10 guards, tier 4 lvl 45 up to 15 guards, tier 5 and final lvl 55 up to 20 guards. This could also work in with the whole revolt against high taxes or abandonment ideas above.

Start working on and adding in the abilities to choose going to the angry earth, corrupted, or lost sides of things. This may or may not be in the works, I have no idea. But the initial ad video you guys made it look like there would be a choice at some point. It makes vastly more sense that people would fight wars from angry earth, corrupted, lost, or regular people sides rather than three factions just beating the snot out of one another for no real reason.

I think that’s all I can come up with for now until I get some coffee.

Level 62 world boss in eden grove, Adjorjan (sp?) has tier 3 named items. The pillar of brightwood (could have swore that that was a different territory) and the Aura crystal.
I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that those things are basically junk at level 60, when you should be fighting that boss.

The crafting system:
At first blush the crafting system in this game looks like it is something amazing, special, and unique.
Once really getting into it, one realizes that it is not. It seems to be the same cookie cutter mmo crafting as in any other game, just made slightly more appealing.

Allow me to explain -
Appearances cannot be customized
Perks cannot be customized (save for the first one on some things).
Nearly everything is rng with crafting weapons, armor, jewelery, etc.
Over 75% of craftable weapons and armor is ‘bind on pickup’ (This is a good way to screw over people crafting so that they don’t make money and end up leaving the game due to extremely dumb binding rules.)
Legendary items, while looking neat, are actually no better than regular weapons, the exception being that a) their stats and perks are set, and b) they’re bind on pickup so once more craftsmen are getting screwed over.

The cxp grind for weapon smithing is brutally slow compared to any other craft.

The shields do not provide cxp for anything, despite saying they provide weapon cxp in the description.

Rare and unique/dungeon crafted gear is absolutely useless to make, because all of it is ‘bind on pickup’, so there is literally hardly any reason to ever make any of that stuff, even if you do manage to find the random dungeon ingredients.

The name of the craftsperson or artisan is not reflected on the crafted gear, this leads to a lack of reputation and business on the end of the craftspeople.

For each tier of azoth input, allow people to insert a mod (so long as it’s not a duplicate) and actually customize the things they are crafting.

So, if you are making an item with stats and potentially 3 perks, then you would need up to the fourth tier of azoth pumped in or more depending on the rating, the mods for each perk, and the stats to fully customize a weapon or armor piece.

Add in an appearance selection slot, this would allow for people to tailor their appearances a bit more while still being able to use something very nice and customized to their characters.
Add the craft persons name onto the item under the flavor text, this was made by so and so, and even allow for craftspeople to add in their own flavor text and change the name of the item if they so choose after it was made to add in a bit more uniqueness and life to things.

Now, other than the base appearances some should be either unlocked with crafting level, found just like schematics, or learned via quests or given as dungeon completion rewards.

I think that’s basically it for crafting.

Moving on, Outpost rush!
Finally we can now partake in outpost rush, but what is this?
This is a 20x20 capture the flag arena, slotted for level 40 +, which gives 600 rated gear even to the loosers.
Oh man, need to get on that train, since wars, invasions, dungeons, boss farming for hours, and weeks of leveling crafting can’t even equal that 30 minutes of no effort whatsoever to get the absolute best gear in the game.

It looks like the devs are now abandoning PvE, rpg, and any other such enjoyable aspect to cater to the extremely niche and small kick the hell out of each other, full pvp, all the time, community.

This goes with out saying that lvl 62 area/world bosses in eden grove drop named items, which are. . .tier 3. These items are even labeled as items for brightwood.

So in short, the latest patches over the weeks have nerfed healers to the point of uselessness, made dungeons nearly impossible to run, increased the demand of consumables (food/potions/etc) but still have to rely on settlements which are abandoned to some how magically upgrade their benches, mobs which can still double and triple spawn that drop substandard loot while wearing full luck gear, nerfed resource quantities while harvesting/mining/logging/skinning, crafting which is either bound or near full rng, and bonus incentives to go to the 20 x 20 arena, sit around, and get your free top level end game gear.
By the by, transfers are still not working, creatures can still have 200k + health, quests are still not level appropriate, dungeons are no longer level appropriate or even doable with out extreme expenditure, ice gauntlets are now broken again (even the missing arm deal is back), the selling house is broken while offline, tracking constantly stops working and has a short range, companies are extremely limited, storage is extremely limited, and so much more.

I really would like to find a positive out of all this, and that is that you no longer see the guild invites you have refused, and, fingers crossed, you no longer get the ‘you are leaving the event’ stuck on your screen. Otherwise, there has simply been 90% breakage of the game with each patch rather than actual fixes. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the game is purposely being nerfed so that come after december there will be a large amount of pay to win items in the shop (gathering quantity increase items, xp boost items, damage boost items, armor, weapons, etc.) But this is just a guess related to the multiple nerfs which seem to not be listed within the patch notes(which are very limited and vague).

One thing that would be an improvement is to change the ammo dropped from boxes based on the region/area level. Ie, steel, star metal, etc. It’s just a waste of weight to find iron arrows and bullets in 60+ level areas, and they just get tossed like the useless junk they are.

Hot update: Multiple weapons and armor pieces can no longer be repaired.

There are no longer stats on quest reward items in shattered mountain and other areas.

The end game weapon quests still have bugged creatures, over powered creatures, and missing creatures. Mozrul the herald is a great example of a bug that seriously needs to be fixed.

I’m not sure why anyone would set up things to purposely frustrate, break, or make something game breaking and undoable, but this seem to be a fully intentional issue which has not been fixed despite numerous updates already.

The amount of frustration that needs to be expressed with the broken quests, quest items, mobs, boss creatures in the world, and so forth cannot be done in a nice way, so I will refrain.

Please devs, please fix the creatures, quests, item rewards, and so forth. Those things should have been fixed before breaking the ice gauntlets, healing staves, and other things.

A positive post today.

While the economy is still in shambles, at least the markets are on pause and trading entirely it seems, until the exploit of duping gold and items can be fixed.

This however makes it difficult to play with your company/guild. As absolutely nothing whatsoever can be traded. No food, no potions, no drops, etc. Thus, until this issue is fixed and of course the vanishing or immortal bosses which are key to quests or the creatures that are base mobs with 50k to 250k hp in the level 60+ areas (not counting the bosses with 500k+ hp that do 3-12k dmg a hit and break stamina bars in two hits), the game itself may not even be playable.

However! The response time is fairly quick I believe, and attention is being applied to fix things, at least with the gold duping. Though, had a real economy been put in place, with npc merchants and what not, the dupe may not even have been discovered let alone exploited as people would not be scrounging for money every second of playing.

I do applaud the response time. And I hope it actually gets fixed in the next patch. Myself and my company will be waiting to return to the game we have spent over 500 hours playing so far. Perhaps the ‘economy team’ could look into actually putting in place an economy in the game too while they are at it?

So, monetary gain has stagnated to nearly non existent. Servers are still up, but the monetary gain from killing mobs with no more side quests cannot keep up with repair, crafting, and tax costs.

The lack of npc merchants and the idea of only players buying and selling to one another is quite possibly the worst idea ever implemented into an ‘mmo’, of course that is putting aside nerfing gathering quantities, boosting enemy hp and dmg, while nerfing healing and dmg player side. Not to mention gems that do not work, weapons that don’t work, jewelry that doesn’t work with out re-equipping or relogging, tracking systems that do not work with out relogging ever ten min, quest tracking that stops working after ten to thirty min. . . etc. etc. etc.

Currently, there is no trading what so ever. You also cannot pay your taxes and cities are down grading, people are getting locked out of houses, loosing storage, and cannot make any funds with the ‘player driven’ economy.

To be quite honest, this game is turning out worse than failout 76 at this juncture and I am willing to bet that there is a group of players about ready to call the same firm that sued bethesda.

But all that aside, I cannot say that I did not enjoy the game while it seemed stable. Beta was vastly more bug free than this current pile of. . .yeah.

I think I got my moneys worth with over 500 hours of game play, but, I do not believe I will ever spend another penny on an amazon game after this experience.

Do take this video as the satire it is and laugh along with it.

the state of things

While playing today several things have been noted. Income from salvaging and killing mobs has shown a very large decrease. Over half it seems compared to pre trading freeze. (This seems to be mainly in the high level areas)

Agro gear/gems/ etc does not work. However, life staves seem to produce more than 300% agro for no apparent reason at all.

Constructive time:

Obviously the duping bug will have to be fixed before any further considerations, so these are ideas to be presented for after that time.

Hopefully that will be remedied during the down time. Of course all of these suggestions would take a large amount of time, if considered and implemented.

Weapon skills, a third tree should be added specifically for pvp, this tree should receive separate points and clicky skills, and will only be active when flagged or in a pvp instance. This would also disable the pve skills during those times. This tree would have 12 to 13 points in it by level 60. Of course the devs will have to come up with pvp specifics for each weapon that are of course balanced and not bugged. This is just an idea, which might remedy some issues such as healers being nerfed, hatched users going wild, etc.

New weapon skills. Obviously the npcs/monsters are using some very unique and interesting weapons and skills, which of course as a player I would love to learn and use as well.

Void gauntlet/staff with the burst aoe, beam shot, floating mines
Earth Staff with the side and frontal earth spikes, limited healing, aoe burst
Dual swords with rush and slice and such
Dual pistols
Hatchet and shield
Pistol and shield
Spear and shield
The lightning anchor with the numbered/limited hit dr buff
And so on. These weapons would be amazing additions to add to quest lines to learn and even forge as a crafter.

Being able to learn appearances/transmogs from the base game gear dropped would be an excellent economy boost and additional rp tool as well as crafting system addition.

Allowing for more than one mod to be used with azoth pump on weapons, armors, etc. The way this would work is that the higher the tier of weapon/armor/etc you obviously can boost the materials and azoth into an item. Say crafting levels also factored in. So at level 50 you can add 1 mod slotted item (stats) with an azoth pump into the item, at 100 add 2 slotted mods with azoth pump, at 150 add 3 with azoth pump, at 200 add 4 modded slots with azoth pump. This would ensure that not only would you have to use a great deal of azoth, but crafters could also specifically tailor their goods to their prospective clients. This is suggested because, lets face it, the legendary recipes are junk for the time and materials required.
The crafting system should also allow for the crafter to choose the item appearance from a list of learned appearances which could be gained from a dismantling feature added to the crafting system at the benches. Base is off a percentage gained from each item of the same type (desecrated, corrupted, dryad, etc.) dismantled, requiring several of said same item type (shield, bow, etc.) to be dismantled at the bench before being learned for use.
If the item turns out as epic or legendary:
The crafters name should appear on the item some where below the flavor text.
The crafter should be able to name the item and put in a short description for flavor text (if they so choose).

Item names for dropped named items should be looked into and corrected from their tag entries.

Dropped items and quest items from level 50+ quests and bosses should be looked at and ensured that they are of appropriate durability and level.

Adjust the mobs and bosses appropriately and fix any bugs for their quest levels, i.e. the well guardian, the bugged out sword quest demon, etc. and so on.

Allow for different tiered benches in the outpost areas depending on the level of the area, as previously suggested.

Allow for guilds/companies to rent out buildings to set up not only a crafting and shared storage space, but also a place to set up a place to put up an npc merchant and store front. It doesn’t have to be in a town, but could be a building out in the wild which can be improved and set up as an instance like the houses. You could even throw in smaller scaled invasions (vastly toned down from the over powered ones attacking the territories) to give companies and their members a chance to earn their own money with out having to worry about possibly getting a slot in a war or invasion.

Of course, expand the map. I am fairly certain there are expansions already planned, and I very much look forward to them. I hope that the desert and other areas will host new and amazing monsters, materials, levels (crafting and basic), and so on. Some minor info on what may come would go a long way in assuring the player base that there is more to look forward to.

Modify the quests and story lines to make them less linear. Allow for choices and differing outcomes in some situations. I would suggest the dev team takes a close look at star wars the old republic and how they have set up some of their questing. This would go a long way to improving moral, player support, and enjoyment of this game. Obviously you wouldn’t follow the same story line though, it would be unique to new world. (Perhaps adding in the ability to join with the angry earth, corrupted, lost, ancients, etc.)

Adjust the ai of your monsters. I cannot stress how frustrating it is to a ranged character or even a melee character to have mobs constantly retreating. Even if you are standing in front of them and smacking them they still can retreat, fully heal, and then attack you before doing it again. The ai in the game is fairly decent, save for that aspect. After all, only an idiot using ranged would hop down from a perch and get right in somethings face that could one or two shot them.

Fix the agro ai. Healing staves, fire staves, ice gauntles, and bows draw so much agro that a tank can have a difficult time, even with a 300% agro gem, full hate gear, and so on.

Fix the stamina damage from hits for tanks with shields. There is absolutely no point in being a shield tank if you cannot hold up a damn shield and block more than the first two attacks of a chain of three or four. Lack of thought went into the stamina damage pve side there.

Add npc merchants, as listed previously, which will buy and sell materials based on profession and tier level of benches in towns. These merchants will start with a set amount of gold, say 5k, and will buy materials initially, and will no longer buy once they run out of gold, they will then be able to buy more once players buy those sold materials from them. Say they start with a 5k base (cap their limit at 50k), one is a smelter, buys iron ingots at .50 each, sells them for 1 gold. This is how you add in a real economy to the game. You can do this with a carpenter, smelter, cook, stone cutter (gems and bricks), arcane mystic (motes and potions), etc. But all of the materials must be refined ones, they cannot be raw materials. And, of course what they will buy will be based on the bench level with in the city they are in, so some incentive to upgrade. If their gold is capped have them stop sales of items until people sell them more materials. This will keep the gold in the economy.

Return the healing abilities to healers for pve, but add the above suggested third tree for pvp.

Allow for the third tree for pvp to be useful in pve environments as well, that way those who wish to flag while adventuring are not at a disadvantage.
Allow for pvp players to retain their 10% bonus xp, but also give them a bonus to gold drops and azoth drops as well. This should satisfy them, hopefully.

Adjust xp gain. Take the total amount of xp needed for level 60, take the total amount of quests in the game, add 20, and divide the xp by that number. This is the amount of xp that should be given per quest, regardless of level. (This does not include board or faction quests by the way, only main and side quests)
This should mitigate some of the power leveling. Also, decrease the xp gain from board, faction, and corruption portals and increase azoth and gold in it’s place.

Adjust damages across the board. Weapon damage needs to be addressed, especially at higher levels, as does item durability on weapons. The rifle should do more damage than the bow per hit, the long sword should do more damage than the hatchet per hit, etc. The overall dps will of course be based on speed, but the initial hits should be more attributed to the weapon types.
The weapon system and armor system could also benefit from a penetration stat, and penetration resistance stat. These would be based on materials and level, not the skills of the players. A rifle would have more armor penetration than a bow, a rapier more than a long sword or great ax, spear more than a hammer, etc. and so on.

For a visual fix, give the spells a basic retexture of color based on the faction a player is in. While this is not an amazing solution, it may be the simplest and fastest way to tell friend from foe with flagged players spells. Green, yellow, purple, just a slight tint modification.

To help adjust and balance out wars, allow an assailing party to upgrade their potential war gear while building influence just as the forts can upgrade turrets, explosives, etc. They could have say a 3 day grace period after declaring to build up said strength.

Adjust resources in other territories. Everfall is typically the main hub of things, this is possibly because some other territories (weavers, ebonscale, etc.) are missing primary quantities of resources. Iron, iron wood, wyrd wood, silver, etc. Some of the lands are rather devoid of the very basics required, mainly iron in easily mined large quantities. Solution to this might be to add and turn some of those occupied mines in areas into harvest zones as well with nodes o the most basic material required for nearly everything, iron.

Allow for pve and pvp larger adventuring groups, maxing out at 20 people. This will make questing in some areas vastly easier and allow for those involved to benefit from large groups.
Also, on that note, remove the red/green/etc. barriers from quest entry areas. This blockage is hindering others from helping people in game with main story line quests. And, given the absurdity of the creatures in these areas (such as the well guardian), help is needed for people. If people also want to farm those bosses so be it, it’s not like they won’t be back in a minute or less with the current respawn timers.

There has been a great deal of talk about the hatchet exploit/bug/glitch? Having used the hatchet, I can honestly say that other than on one lucky crit (for 4k), damage has never gotten above 2.5k per hit (other than crits around 3k). While this is a massive amount of damage for such a fast weapon, it is not game breaking in pve at high levels, it actually levels the playing fields in the elite areas very minorly against basic trash mobs with 20-100k hp. If some one has intentionally built around the bug however, and is using it for max fast damage, maxing str and dex secondary, then I can see it possibly hitting 5k or more dmg a hit.
Meanwhile, the long sword at the same base is only doing around 1k to 2k(on a crit 2k) per hit.
The spear will do between 1500 and 2.5k a hit.
The great ax 2.5k to 5k per hit.
The hammer 1k to 1.8k per hit.
The rapier. . .250 per hit.
The bow 2k to 4k per hit (charged shot)
The rifle 800 to 1200 per hit.

I do not have the stats to give an accurate assessment on the ice gauntlet, fire staff, or healing staff, and paying 500 gold per respec just doesn’t appeal to me, not to mention making a new gear set just to set up stats for such.

Additional territory gain ideas: Gold increase on rewards for board quests. Item transfers despite faction control. Reduced item transfer costs. Reduced azoth travel costs. Increased refining outcomes. Increased crafting skill bonuses for crafting skills (armor, weapon, engineering, jewelry), say 1 point per selection up to a bonus of 5.

Additional ideas for companies/guilds:

Allow for gathering areas to be bought and upgraded. Limited to one hall and/or one gathering area per company, instanced naturally, like houses. These could be upgraded to allow for quantity and types of materials to be produced, while also including an element for the mini invasions to protect.
This would allow smaller guilds/companies to play a more active role since territory control is vastly limited, while giving them a potential passive income by selling these materials on the market or to above listed npcs, or even sell directly from said controlled resource point. I.e. mines, lumber mills, fisheries, farms (food, hemp, spices, etc.). You could also toss in an rng for rare materials if fully upgrading these resource owner points.

Also, add an option to companies who are producing money to give their members a weekly pay, this could be adjusted by the governor or the consul, as a percentage of the money being brought in and distributed to it’s members. This is just a qol improvement which would be beneficial to companies all around.

Looks like a lot of fixes and changes with 1.05. Looking forward to testing through them.

Not being a healing staff user, I am not really certain what this means though, but it sounds like healing was nerfed once again:

Blockquote * Life Staff: Orb of Protection
Removed the small area of effects (AoE) that were triggering on passthrough from every hit of the base version of Orb of protection.
AoE no longer triggers on passthrough from the Aegis upgrade, it will only trigger on impact against an enemy/object now.

Honestly at this point, I would surmise that the devs don’t want healers in the game? If that’s the case then remove all healing abilities and add in npcs that sell potions or followers/hirelings that can heal, because as of this juncture you have ruined the playing experience of any seasoned mmo player who enjoys or is good at being a healer. Having to constantly respec, redo gear, and still be limited to only the healing staff since you guys destroyed the dual stat usage from beta is to the point of just being cruel to people using the healing staff now.

I’m not sure if this is being done due to people complaining about healers in pvp or what, but the idea of the healing staff, with the massive focus only requirement, is becoming so unviable and useless that you need to either revert it back to beta or just remove it all together. Still, the fact is that in pve, it becomes more and more unplayable.

It looks like the hatchet and other weapons might be fixed now as well, so hopefully people will stop complaining about those as well. At least so far as the ‘a hatchet wielder killed me in rush so it must be a bug they exploited’. I imagine the next high damage weapon to get attention will be the bow or the great ax.

By the by, the creatures in shattered mountain have hp (on trash mobs), depending on the area there, from 20k to 150k +, and their typical damage to those in heavy armor (with a shield) is between 2.5-12k (depending on the mob and it’s attacks). So, the more the weapons get ground into the dust damage wise the less and less feasible it will be to even venture into these areas without a literal army of people.

Lots of great fixes too, these are so but not all listed:

→ Reduced attribute respec coin cost by 60%.

  • Reduced weapon mastery respec Azoth cost by 75%.
  • Reduced coin cost of chisels by 20-50% depending on tier.
  • To encourage competition in Outpost Rush, we’ve slightly reduced the Coin and Azoth rewards for the losing team.
  • We have surfaced the War conflict progress bars on the map and the Faction Board when there is an upcoming Invasion, as you can still gain War conflict for your Faction.
  • Identical Weapon Equipping: Players can no longer equip the same weapon type in both weapon slots. We want each weapon slot to have a different weapon type to open up combat diversity. This change also addresses issues which could occur when swapping between weapons of the same type.
  • Group Scaling Passives: Fixed issues which could cause passive effects that scaled on the number of nearby foes, such as Bloodlust (Great Axe), Against All Odds (Hatchet), and Outnumbered (Warhammer), to apply incorrectly.
  • Spell Strike Consistency: Fixed issues which caused several magic spells, such as Ice Storm and Gravity Well, to not hit consistently.
  • Resilient (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits.
  • PvP Flagging: Fixed an issue that allowed PVP and PVE players to heal each other.

Great job there devs! It also looks like the duping is fixed? To be honest I’m not even sure how it was done, but hopefully that is all cleared up.

Now, hopefully a real economy with npcs will be added to deter it from happening again. Or add gold back to treasure chests, or increase gold rewards for board/faction missions, or increase gold from clearing portals. Something has to be done for that point after all the side quests are completed or after level 60 which does not require a 6 to 12 hour grind of farming monsters/chests/ or trying to sell things on the market for pennies and hope that some one buys them. To be quite honest, who ever came up with the economy in this game needs to be fired and someone with a business degree hired, who actually knows about world economics, the rules of supply and demand, basic consumption in an economy, and so on.

Also, the conversion rates and material costs for higher tiered crafting need to seriously be looked at.
1 iron ingot = 4 ore
1 steel ingot = 3 iron ingots and 2 coal and 1 flux
1 star metal ingot = 3 or 4 steel ingots, 8 star metal ore, 2 coal, and flux
etc. etc.
Wood, leather, cloth, it’s all set up the same way.
Could you imagine how friggin massive the end tier ingot would be? And yet you need upwards of 15 to 20 to make say, a sword? Seriously? How much material is being wasted in the production of that item when the ingot should literally be the size of a friggin car?

I realize that you guys want things to be a bit grindy, but the refining/crafting system is bordering on the absurd, not to mention the ‘legendary’ schematics for weapons give you weapons with stats that don’t even benefit the weapon itself, and damage which could easily be surpassed by forging a normal item at high gear scores. Legendary is not the correct term for these hard to get item recipes, more like garbage and thoughtlessness. There is also the matter of the legendary hammer showing up as 1025+ gear score. . .should we even get into that?

On another note, this may be a bit more serious of a problem, where in lighting can randomly change and become so dark you can barely see in caverns and what not, the only way to fix it thus far is to relog. This is a performance/graphics issue with the lighting system used, and may or may not be difficult to fix.

Mind, I am sure everyone appreciates you guys hard work. I know I do, despite the frustrations from some of it. Keep up the good work and keep pushing forward, just remember to take a break every three or so hours and watch an episode of light hearted anime or something that will make you laugh while drinking some coffee. Trust me, with coding you need those breaks to keep your sanity and productivity.

KayNew World Developer
Hello friends,
Looks like there is still a bit of confusion around the use of addons. To clarify things, I’ve linked a post below where we are currently chatting about this, but wanted to make sure the Tl;dr made it to the official news section.
Are you using an addon that pulls only your location? You are good at this time and no action will be taken. Keep watch on the official channel in case this position changes.
Are you using an addon that pulls more than your location? You need to stop immediately, as you are subject to action from the moderation team.

You can use the mini map, you can’t use the mini map, you can. . .come on guys, make up your mind. Give a clear and straight answer, like hey the mini map is ok to use or the minimap is not ok to use. It’s not that hard. This beating around the bush thing is one of the main reasons why people are screaming about communication on the forums. In these instances the army acronym kiss is a good one to use (and don’t take offense, since that is the in thing) it means keep it simple stupid.

That aside, if you really want to solve the issue put your own minimap in the game which can be toggled on or off. It’s obviously not that hard to do.

On another note, mobs are still bugged via the absurd retreating ai, even when standing in front of them they ‘retreat’, fully heal, and then start fighting again.

The hp and damage output of level 60+ mobs is still a bit over the top, especially in the shattered mountain region. With hp ranging from 50-200k hp for trash mobs and damage ranging from 2k to 6k from trash mobs (while wearing heavy armor mind) and fully specked healers only being able to heal 1/3 of that. . .the balance of this game in regards to pve is turning into an absolute joke. Much like it’s economy. But I’ve already touched on the economy and how to fix it.

It is becoming very clear that the pvp aspect needs to be separated in some way as player hp and damage in that aspect cannot be compared to hp and damage from pve scenarios. I do understand what was trying to be done, but I am fairly certain it has never worked in a game.

On another note, the tower shield from the ‘epic’ weapon quests looks like a kite shield, the life staff is kind of garbage and most certainly not epic when compared to the long sword, hatchet, or spear, and legendary recipes are more or less a drawn out joke which will never come to realization. No one is going to craft useless items, well, some might. But anyone who has figured out how the stats work with the weapons certainly won’t.
Master craftpeople are still at the mercy of rng. . .so, really, we’re like. . .apprentices? Why even put the crafting system in at all if you can’t tailor gear to your clients, or it’s appearance, or let people know who made it. Of course the same can be said of healers, which can barely keep up with the end game trash mobs. . .and by barely I mean you need boat loads of infused potions in addition to them and you still get the hell kicked out of you. Why have healers at all when they can’t even do their basic function?

I understand the whining and pvp aspects, but destroying things because the initial aspects weren’t though out is not the way to fixing them. I made a post above about a potential remedy, it will take more time and effort as opposed to continuous nerfs and destructions of things which clearly worked just fine in closed beta that no longer do.

Well, after 590.4 hours of play, gaining 3 weapons and a shield from the weapon quests, getting nearly everything to 200, completing nearly every quest, and having an easy way to at least make tax money (for now at least), I have to say that it’s all dried up to apparent myrk runs, rush runs, corruption portal runs, and that’s really it.
I’ll take a break and start working on another degree and come back in a few months to see if anything has improved, and while hopeful, so far the changes have led me to believe that the game will quite possibly soon devolve into nothing but outpost rush or zerg runs.
This is entirely the fault of poor planning for leveling (allowing people to reach max level in a week and a half or less), extremely poor economy planning (no npc merchants or ways to gain meaningful income other than pvp things), poor implementation of story line and quests (notes all over the place - had enough of that with failout 76, linear storyline with no real substance or feeling of accomplishment), limited guild abilities (no guild houses, no guild storage, etc. etc. etc.), and a promising crafting system that turned out to just be cookie cutter grinding rng (seriously, the lack of customization, lack of creators names on items, lack of being able to imput flavor text, lack of customizing appearances, etc. etc.) has really done it in for me. There have also been numerous nerfs to survivability by limiting the healers and their ability to keep people alive. The requirement to spend gold on a chisel which should easily be crafted. The quests asking you to steal things that could easily be crafted. The repeat boring cookie cutter gather, steal, kill quests.

By the by, I did give the other game a try, Lost ark, it’s clunky non moving camera, poor controls, and point and click movement are archaic at best. While the presentation and intro are very nice, after that it drops off to a relic less interesting than the original Baldur’s gate (which by the way had amazing story line). Best of luck on that one guys. The cut scenes were great, but the rest. . .same cookie cutter gather/kill quests with no ingenuity or creativity.

Devs, you guys are going to need to step up your game and make everything a great deal better in order to draw in good customers and retain them. DDO did it after a decade and being bought out, I’m sure that you can too. . .hopefully without being bought out. Hire some real story writers that know how games work, and if you guys aren’t doing it already, please play your own game and judge for yourself what is going on there.

There seem to be numerous issues with outpost rush. I think there is a simple solution to it, just remove it.

Otherwise, some great ideas are in this post as well: New Ideas for Future Updates ( PvE & PvP ) With Pictures

After the last patch, 1.05, there has been an increase in loading time for the game in general. Ui elements vanish now with some regularity. Resources no longer display on your main map when you open it. The compass tracking still doesn’t work 90% of the time. Mobs and some spawns are still bugged, either with overly fast timers or of course the constant retreating ai. Some mobs, apparently, aren’t even spawning at all. (Though, I think it’s been that way since day 1 with those.)

There are still missing quests, which seem to have achievements, but aren’t accomplishable at this time.

Zerg runs in myrk and on portals, afk farming of outpost rush, and so on are becoming a real issues on servers across the board as players become more desperate for better gear and money. This is in part due to an rng based crafting system, which apparently, isn’t even completed and shows poor design elements with the crafted gear in general, poor economic planning, and the water mark system which can, it seems, be exploited simply by farming outpost rush while afk.

The game has dwindled to the point of farming green wood, iron, raw hide, and fibers and simply selling them on the market, as there is nothing of substance left to do.

The new stuff on the way looks promising and interesting! I look forward to giving it a try!

The void gauntlet seems pretty neat on the test server, looking forward to it in game later on.

On a side note, in regular game, sign up boards are freezing up and becoming inaccessible for actually signing up without numerous relogs.

The elemental and physical dmg reduction gems still seem to not be working whatsoever. (even on the test server)

Otherwise, things seem the same as always.