Partnered streamer is able to re-create speed bug while pvp looping for an unfair advantage UPDATE (NEW PROOF VODS)

On my server (Ferri) there is a character named (CrozzoveR) who is in the company (Ancient Templar) and is using the rapier to exploit a movement bug to do PVP quests faster in a zone to obtain influence and to declare and take us to war. Since the person in question is a partnered streamer and was streaming while this action was taking place, I have posted a link to a clip of the action, and here is a link to the whole vod where he is seen doing it multiple times through the entire PVP loop.
Link to Clip of Cheating
Link to Original Twitch Vod

This is an unfair advantage and the person obviously does not care about repercussions because he is doing it live on stream. My company is the owner of First Light and while we were counter looping we noticed that one of the people from the faction pushing was using a speed exploit, When we pulled up the stream, we have seen that he was able to consistently recreate a speed bug that allowed him to go very fast and therefore able to run the loops with abnormal speed giving an unfair advantage.

I have contacted support and they have recommended that I not only create a ticket in-game and outside of the game but also bring attention to this player since he is a partnered streamer streaming cheats live and post it on the forums. Thank you community for your understanding and we cannot have these types of actions being condoned. The worst part about it is this company is the dominant company on the server and obviously if they are willing to use an advantage like this in open-world PVP then what are they using in the wars that allow them to win and keep territory illegitimately.

So apparently a ton of people have doubts that this was not done intentionally so I have taken the liberty to caption 3 vods that show irrevocable proof that it was intentional and to gain an advantage.
CrozzoveR exploits speed bug to run away from 20+ zerg.
CrozzoveR Exploits speed bug and says he will use them to farm tokens faster in SM.
CrozzoveR Exploits speed bug for 98% of pvp loop and runs it in under 10 minutes.

EDIT #2 Looks like CrozzoveR deleted the vod, luckily I had downloaded the entire thing. Here is the link and I will sort through it and try to post clips since it is a 5 hour long vod.
Whole Vod from the Stream (5 hours)

EDIT: It has come to my attention that this is the governor of one of the three shell companies that make up the templars which are the dominant company/companies on the server. Here is a picture to tell the story a bit better.


Why should they?
PvPers have been brazenly cheating since launch and MAYBE got a slap on the wrist only to come back and use the next new-exploit-of-the-week.
Still no action on cheaters wiggling their windows for invincibility in PvP around Update 1.0.2.
There’ll be no action here, probably.

AGS should delete PvP because all the cheats are basically for PvP.
Any legitimate players staying in New World for PvP are basically accepting that they are just here to take it up the butt and be farmed by cheaters and exploiters.

This is not a PvP game – it’s not even a game at all. It’s a farce when your opponents don’t need to play by the rules.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


This makes me angry and sad.


People from your faction and even from your own company know that this is BS. Lots of people have been getting this movement bug and to claim that it’s exploiting is reaching.

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When you are blatantly triggering the “bug” it is no longer innocent. Even worst when you are bragging about it on stream. There is a reason that every OPR I am in you have the same people moving faster than everyone else (i.e. Crozzover, Itshammertime, etc.). What is reaching is expecting your company to have the integrity to take ownership of such behavior and stand-up against such unsportsmanlike behaviors. I guess that is a bit much to expect when these people are in leadership roles and seem to be celebrated for what they are doing. Honestly the company as a whole who watched this toxic behavior and benefited from it should be just as accountable.


Crozz shouldve relogged after he turned in that round of quests, but I didnt report because it wasn’t done intentionally to begin with. Though with his attitude Im not really surprised people did. I was down there fighting against Templars and this was the most memorable moment to me it was a great time and a beautiful sight.

As I said last night, I’m kinda tired of reading about the whole Dale reddit post and the incident that spawned it… happened over a month ago, and this is just gonna be more of that drama. If Crozzover gets banned then this becomes we only won wars because we report people… that’ll be the narrative at least.

Did you even watch the video? “Not done intentionally” when literally the video shows him working to trigger it. I do agree with you though that this will be the next excuse in a long line of excuses…

So would deleting the VOD of you exploiting be considered an admission of guilt? If you were confident that you were not exploiting a bug then why delete the VOD?
Asking for a friend.

The fact that this person did not log after getting this bug is abuse of this unintended mechanic. It takes a few minutes to avoid this situation–instead, they continue to run missions on top of gloating. Not a very good look.

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CrozzoveR toxic player how he is partnered is beyond me, maybe he knows some one that works there.

Says “I’m innocent I have nothing to hide” Proceeds to delete the " EVIDENCE"

Go to 69m30s in that video … explain to me what he does to trigger it? (Edit) I mean I dont like him personally, always been overtly a dick and I feel like perhaps this is coming into play here… It seems foolish to teabag people while knowingly using a bug, like he was trying to get people riled up about it and if someone like Sape or LRyuko got it I think they wouldve handled it differently

Speaking of being a dick, we had some PvP active greens from company Blackgarde constantly resetting the Thorpe’s in Myrkgard this morning and basically ruined the run was pissing a lotta people off might wanna look into that. I took screenshots of these guys staying up on walls and attacking after we asked them several times to stop.

Not saying this thread is wrong, the video is clear as day. But I am gonna point out how convenient this gets posted the day Crozz is supposed to lead his first war.

If the video speaks for itself… then how is this convenient?


I believe the more responsible statement would be to point out how inconvenient it was that he got caught exploiting the day before he was supposed to lead his first war.


Man, people suck. Its one thing to use stuff like this to pve… but when you bring it into a pvp scenario its not cool. Any exploit used in pvp makes you a loser an should 100% get a ban. They can even start implementing things like pvp bans, where players accounts are pvp locked an they cant flag for X amount of days. Of course that would be for small offenses. Big exploits are a seperate matter all together.

Yea I totally agree - Doesn’t look like he did anything except start attacking. However, watching a few minutes after that he starts saying “Oh I got movement bug! Lets GO! Never gonna be able to catch me now! Guys I got movement bug!” etc etc, clearly acknowledging that he not only has an unfair advantage, but is willing to continue using it for the remainder of his play time. This post is misleading in that it says he purposefully triggers it (which, if he did, it was very subtle), but it is still against ToS to knowingly use bugs to give an advantage in any aspect of the game.

I dont think anyone in yellow wouldve known that

Yeah and I hadnt watched the 2 min clip … I thought it just reactivated when you rolled… he was legit jumping and then rolling to make it activate I didnt know that, kinda makes it worse that its not just something you’d normally do tbh

I think AGS should perma ban these people that clearly use the exploits when they want. Unfortunately, they dont have a great amount of players left to ban the rotten eggs.

This post had nothing to do with him leading a war bro. We are not scared of greens or worried of you guys taking ebon CK FL. I Get the report because he was flaunting it around and taunting some players. But i don’t condone people thinking he deserves his twitch account to be cancelled.