Party leader bannermen

Howdy, just for a basic general QoL for wars, influencing, whatever, considering the game’s poor visual cues to follow your party around, can we get a bannerman, flag, or some visual marker that follows the party leader around? Whoever sends the first invite with a dynamic array to move the flag to the second party member if the creator leaves the party.

Nothing fancy, not a buff, just a visual icon to rally when called for in overpopulated areas.

That’s a pretty cool idea!

While you mentioned not a buff/fancy, would a physical flag on the character and an icon be good in your eyes? :thinking:

Just an icon I guess.

Let’s take wars for example. You can give a small icon flag with the group number on it to the first member, or designated bannerman by whoever is doing the groups arrangements.
Nothing big, nothing out of the ordinary, but just a quick visual cue, there is too much visual clutter, little clarity on who’s in front of you other than the little blue square, and sometimes the nameplates are limited due performance, so you have to “aim” directly over someone to see if they are friend or foe, but that’s another issue for another topic.

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