Patch %100 downgrade to PVP

I am willing to wait to progress but patch was %100 downgrade. I am a pvp guy so i ll start with that.

Weapon balancing;

is it normal to give a brand new weapon (void gauntlet) while you are nerfing a weapon about %90,
is it normal to nerf a weapon about %90 while buffing others?
you can try buffing others while doing nothing to powerfull one. you can try small nerf with buffing others. you take minimum risk while balancing weapons.
is it normal that i see noone using that weapon after patch.

About outpost rush. Its just disgusting right now. I am not talking about the bugs. The latest change made warhammer users unstopable. they spam 3 skill to endless stun and imagine there are every 7 of the 10 ppl using warhammer under a flag in the enemy team and your team its total mess. Only thing was the ice gauntlet which make warhammer users to move some time to time. Now there are no ice gauntlets so there are no reason not to spam warhammer abilities.

About musket, its already annoying weapon they are shooting you from top of some mountain while you doing actual pvp around point. Thats fine they can do that ofcourse. But now its harder to go from a point to another. because they are like shooting everywhere and you just try to walk nothing to fight against. You have to give 10 minute to catch them and kill them. I was really enjoying the outpost rush before patch, now i find myself behind some cover eating and waiting my health to be full because you get shot from every angle so there is a limit that you can dodge 8-10 hit-scan weapon users. And the second you go inside a point starting warhammer stun spam. And now if you want to kill a healer you need 3-5 guy with you and some warhammers. if you are not 3-5, you cant kill healer if you are 3-5 player and no warhammer see you after 10 minute.

And about void gauntlet, I believe the game last need is brand new weapon while all other weapons are unbalanced,bugged and broken.
Only logical thing you can do is play melee with that weapon and its also nonsense for an int player.

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Firestaff is garbage in OPR too. Literally shooting nerf balls at people it feels so bad. Meanwhile 1 musket can chain shot 3 shot me for about 8k damage in under 4 seconds with hitscan. I have 500h on fs and I’m mainlining copium atm


enjoyable close combat is not a thing anymore. only RMB spam. warhammer stun spam. and you dont even see because of lag, everyone standing still and you know there will be around 50 times warhammer stun so you are using dodge so maybe you can dodge some and dont find yourself in endless stun.

Example of a get gud post.

It’s okay, GA/WH apologists will say you can just dodge to avoid stuns!! And that this class takes skill and that you’re not just adapting enough.

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Firestaf/ice gauntlet (pure mage) build is kinda dead especially in outpost rush content. I also see noone is playing ice gauntlet anymore which can actually do something against those hammer juggernauts. So its right, current patch made kinda impossible to enjoy when you wanted to play ranged mage build. Especially if you’re solo player and dont have a healer friend at your team, outpost rush is unenjoyable content because of camper musket players.

About healers, the nerf didnt seemed to work to me with heavy armor healers. They still heal high amount of healrates and just impossible to kill because of other weapons are lack of real cc’s. Only viable cc is warhammer in the game after devs killed the ice gauntlet.

So do you want all of us to play warhammer or what? Firestaff/hammer or ice gauntlet/hammer build dont seem like a real mage to me just for ccing people.

And one more thing about outpost rush (which is almost only pvp content for everyone) We also need a matchmaking system. Every match seems unfairly unbalanced. Almost one of the team is smashing the other one by far. I’m hoping all these unbalanced stuff will fix until you really bring some rating and matchmaking system.


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