Patch 1.0.5 announced without the arcana fix!

That’s classified, but I do OK.


They can’t fix everything in one patch. This is a FANTASTIC patch that fixes almost all of the game-breaking issues and then some, this is a big step in the right direction.


Same for amber gems, I don’t think they care much.

Assuming it is actually fixed and didn’t introduce more bugs then yes it is a great step. But we need to see if it works as intended.

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Agreed. I’m fucking EXCITED for this patch. Glad they focused on what they did.

And we can make a HUGE assumption which is really nothing cause when would they have tested those patches to make sure they don’t break anything else?!

No Malevolence or Unseen Path fix either.


Bumping this bug, it’s been a month now and still haven’t made it in the known issues list. ffs.

Yeah besides the fact that most of these issues were already a beta thing and have been gladly ignored for months. So no, I don’t give them credit for something that should have happened before launch.

The upcoming patch is already addressing a lot of critical issues. Much more than I expected to be fair, rest can surely wait a few more days.

IF it works. I agree.
But most patches also result in new bugs…

The patch :

  • Coping with gold sellers
  • Changing the game in order to prevent bots farming gold
  • Fixing duplication exploit for gold
  • Fixing duplication exploit for items
  • Nerfing LifeStaff
  • Reducing respec costs
  • Fixing some war issues
  • Fixing hatchet bug
  • Fixing spell not dealing damages bug
  • Fixing resilient armor bug
  • Fixing outpost rush issues
  • Fixing repair kit costing gold bug
  • Fixing consumable bug
  • Fixing textual bugs
  • Fixing players losing their houses bug
  • Fixing server transfer bugs
  • Improved server performance to prevent lagging
  • Fixing translations issues

The player :

Sob sob they don’t fix my “first world problem” issue about crafting and it’s a shame because the world revolves around me :’(


I will use this post for the next 7 days many many times for sure :slight_smile: Thank you @Touillette !

You’re welcome.

Its not about doing everything at once, but they have the issue in test mode for more than a week without communication…

severall other stuff not in this patch: arcana GS, amber gem scaling etc

I think this issue has been around for years and it’s kind of a game breaker for endgame that none of the endgame legendary items can be crafted and none of the arcana crafteds can ever reach 600. Anyway, it’s been more than one patch. I don’t even use arcana weapons but I still find this issue annoying and concerning.

Obviously the patch fixes some major issues but this is known for weeks and should have been fixed weeks ago and it doesn’t seem like a hard fix from a players perspective.

When you have a kid and ask him to clean the room, after he finishes slap him in the face and tell him how wrong he did everything.

But you sure sound edgy adding that “First world problem quote of yours” without addressing the core issue that the effect will leave a lasting impression for those who worked hard to grind their arcana and waited for months for a fix while other weapons can be crafted up to 600.

But sure, you do you. When the Arcana crafters leave it’s healthy for the community cause there will be no “First world problems” after all.

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I think their priorities are fine, but I still agree, that we have a late-game issue for people playing this game for the economical part where crafting is the major component.
Also PvP players are heavily adressed by the following issues:

  • weaponsmith pants → Entropy bug
  • arcana → design fail
  • missing PvP perks (resilient, freedom)

Currently crafting is only clever if you craft engineering stuff or jewelry and basically the end of the list.

For me those issues hurt more than a lot of the parts you mentioned above, cause I finished the game with 595 GS and have literally nothing to do anymore, because I play weaponsmith dependand items and cant craft armor because of missing perks.

so… might not hurt you, but it hurts heavy grinder with 500+ hours and PvP or crafting focus. If you have no rewards and progression, you stop playing.