Patch 1.05 Introduced MASSIVE server lag and it is not on the known bug list. Game feel is substantially worse

Server went down for maintence without warning for Valhalla

Its something rare cause its not happening to everyone but definitely is so frustrating but who suffers it… ITs so unplayable.
Thank you for pass the info to the devs, i hope for a soon fix!

Happening to me too, last couple of days have been really bad. At its worst I’m stuttering and rubberbanding to the point that I can’t even move. Even on a low pop server (Maca) with no one else around its happening. A friend in my group does not experience the lag so its not happening to everyone.

Search of Reddit would suggest this is happening to quite a few people recently.



Im also experiencing this after 1.0.5 and in a much more intense way which is odd because im playing in an almost dead server (Almost no pressure on the server which may flag for a net code issue) while i tested Asgard (High pop server) and it seems to run much smoother for me.

Char name: VahidkinG
World: Emathia

What sort of problems:

  1. sometimes i cant get into the server for half an hour. (I select play, and error comes which says unable to connect to server while its alive and people there)

  2. rubberbanding specially when i dodge-cancel. also evasive move speed buff starts with a delay and sometimes when i dodge cancel, i move forward like 100m which is odd.

  3. arrow delays, penetrating shot won’t shoot after initial click and i have to click again.

  4. almost all gathering acts finish with half a second to a second delay.

  5. monster and mobs seem laggy too.

Notice: all this at an almost empty server while Asgard which is full most of the time seems to run fine is really odd.

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It doesn’t happen to every1 at the same time and we are used to baking the player but the amount of :
" A:What is this lag???
B:everything is good , stop downloading p*rn"
Is definitely increasing.
Just in the last few days I was player A 3 times


I have been getting lag spikes on the in-game input latency meter that hits 800-900 at times. Chat lag is about 30 seconds or more, what is going on and how has this flown under the radar?

I am unable to use the trade post or any crafting station for longer than ten seconds before getting kicked off it - this has been the case for the last week

+1 This started after 1.0.5.

Same issues here, movement and attacking animations are delayed by rougly 1 second.
I can confirm this issues started after latest update.
On top of it my friend cant even log in in to the game , it shows 100+ ping on EU servers , and gets instantly disconected when trying to connect to the server, its game breaking and it goes on for few days now, please FIX THIS !!!

bump because its not addressed !!!o

Unfortunately the new patch performance-wise doesn’t feel as good that the one before it.

Occurs in Wars too.

This is a Guess. but it feels like they added a sort of Queue system for Actions. which causes the delay under heavy load. as when noone is fighting in OPR it is a non issue. same with wars.


Patch 1.0.5 introduced (for me) constant sever disconnects, forced kick from server, invisible mobs, massage lag spikes.

Played ~300 hours pre-patch 1.0.5 with no lag issues (ignoring war desyncs abuse). Yet somehow with no changes to my PC setup, background applications or ISP, the Devs are telling me it is a client side issue…

I’m having the same issues

Crafting is hell right now. I can’t craft anything without being thrown out from crafting menu. Its especially irritating when you change components and have to do it again and again before successful attempt.

Step 1: Fix the lag switch based gold/item dupe
Step 2: Ruin combat latency

I’m not even surprised

Please check out the second video I added today. None of this happened pre patch 1.05 and A LOT of people have noticed. This is the kind of bug that WILL kill the game and if left unaddressed it will be impossible to fix in a few weeks. You guys have the chance to undo this now and stamp out the random lag that did not exist pre patch. Remember this post in a year when people are still complaining about the weird BDO esq lag, patch 1.05 is when it started and this is your chance to fix it.

Thank you for addressing this, I am encountering this lag heavily as a bow user. It is not a problem on my side.

Please don’t discount this issue as something being experienced by a small percentage of the player base, it simply isn’t. For most people (heavy armour users, melee) it simply isn’t a noticeable.

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