Patch 1.1.1 Oblivion

Alright. Lifestaff+Void Gauntlet, the only 2 things to scale off of Focus. Once this patch goes live, I’m done healing unless my friends need me to.
I built a pure healing LS with a pure group support VG (Oblivion, Essence…)

Oblivion, that has done nothing but save my ass and my tanks ass (regening stam/weakens targets). and overall played a huge part in how my expeditions ran since it solely stopped us from wiping because I could plop it down and swap to LS to block everything that aggro’d me til someone eventually helped.

Yeah I know “get better groups!” “Get better tanks!” “Get better dpsers!”

There’s no other weapon to support LS role (let alone back to step 1 on can’t pve alone anymore)

Anyone, ideas on a secondary for LS?

I heard great axe or hammer goes well with anything

Even without any STR? If so, might help my personal PvE but don’t think it’ll help my Expeditions… I just craft orbs and pug the group and I have a nasty habit of somehow pulling all the aggro in Dynasty and Depths (Haven’t done Gen or Laz)

What did they change about oblivion?

Used to be you could place it down and swap back to Lifestaff (or any weapon) and it remained on the ground.
Patch 1.1.1 makes it go on cooldown if I swap weapons

Edit: means I can’t regen my tanks Stam or mine or buff ny DPSers to kill faster

So it dissapear like icestorm used to when weapon swapping?

  • Void Gauntlet - Fix to Oblivion not going onto cooldown if player swapped weapons during skill startup

Consistent with other weapons. Makes sense

  • Void Gauntlet - Fix to consumable status effects being cleansed by Oblivion

The fact they didn’t notice this before going live just highlights how poorly logic is applied.

Yeah it does that now lol. Just means majority of my expeditions will wipe and the repair fees gonna make me broke woo

I know it’s consistent with others but they should’ve done it to begin with

Either i am misunderstanding what you are putting down here, or you need to read the patch notes about oblivion again.

I think you are mis-reading this change? Its not saying it will disappear, its saying the skill will be on cooldown like its supposed to be. You were swapping to lifestaff and causing the oblivion to not go on cooldown so you could do it any time and you are complaining they fixed this?

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Agree. Probably the sloppiest developers I’ve encountered in 30 years.

Wait so youre mad you cant exploit it anymore by having it not go on cooldown when you use it?

It reads as if the skill right now doesn’t go on cooldown if you weapon swap quickly after using it and they’re fixing it so it goes on cooldown properly? I don’t think what you think will happen is what will happen? But i’m no void gauntlet expert

So if I drop Oblivion the effect is still going to remain instead of canceling? The canceling to me seems to say effect disappears on swap

LS/VG Max Heal/Buff/Debuff (

Thanks Jamy but I’m already using that currently :slightly_smiling_face:

From what i understood from the patch notes, the oblivion effect will stay for its duration even if you swap weapons.
The change is made to how the skill would not go into cooldown when swapping weapons, and has nothing to do with what you seem to be upset about.

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What exploit? I’m not exploiting anything. I’m not even mad, I just want a useful secondary to my lifestaff. It’s frustration, not anger.
However if I’m reading the notes wrong and the effect doesn’t disappear when I swap then good, I misread.
If the effect disappears when I swap then I am frustrated xD there is no other Focus weapon.

Ohhh? Never noticed it never going on cooldown, always seemed to do that-
Thank you then, Sioux.
Hopefully my confusion on it was obvious