Patch 1.1.1 - The things that didn't work on Friday

The patch notes read like Friday’s, before they were edited and Harvesting gear was put on hold. Then Europe exploded.

Also I can’t help but notice a certain lack of the word “compensation” or “taxes” anywhere… We all have 3 homes with 3 families in 3 towns nowadays, we need to pay that rent.

It’s nice to have furniture back, so have you sorted out the extreme amount of duplication that happened and figured out how to purge all duplicated trophies while also making sure not to take or ban innocent players who just thought they were buying a good deal?

Everything else in the patch notes is PR fluff trying to explain away something you know would be taken as negative. You Nerfed MineDoggo’s.

Most of us only have ourselves to play with these days and you prioritize making Motes, Starmetal and Wyrdwood more obnoxious to get?

The whole patch is JC will suck 0.1% less now, have your harvesting set back and lets see what happens when we enable furniture.

Here’s to hoping 1.1.2 is a bit more feature flush.

o7 AGS


i assume this includes the wolves in brightwood that drop the purple lifemotes. as if making potions wasnt already annoying enough as it is

You have decisions to make I guess. I’d get rid of the kids first, being the irritating little bastards that they are. Then get rid of the wife and abandon the house if needed. Try to keep the other 2 houses with your side chicks. That’s the most important thing.


Sounds like little Timmy is off to work that extra shift in the coal mines to make ends meet

If I’m reading the notes right which is a guessing game really, motes/quiteseence will no longer drop from the harevstable mobs and also a massively reduced amount of mats like wyrdwood.

Yup, make it single digit counts of the mats like wyrdwood and such.

I want to be angry about the MineDoggo change, but in reality they were dropping WAY to much resources.

They nullified the Earth/Life motes and Wyrdwood value to nothing.

I don’t like it because it was taken away from me, but I do respect that it is likely healthier for the game overall

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Just that the change isn’t even implemented. Wolves remain unmineable. ATM only bears can be mined for a handful of loadstones. Not sure why they would fix one loot table but not the other? Likely another mess up.

So many things however sort of ignore human behaviour entirely, as if they dont realise what triggers people.

A lot of changes that have people more upset than ever are

Thing A is now more difficult to do than thing A yesterday/ or less rewarding.

This covers - Elite chests, elite mobs, skilling professions, mining bears/dogs, using certain weapons.

This is the gaming equivalent of giving a kid a bag of sweets and then when they eating them just take them away or replace it with a lemon.

Human behaviour analysis seems to be non existant.

Yep. That is correct. Now only if they could be chopped as the notes indicated…that would be a grand thing indeed!

Yeah I would not say the whole situation was handled very well at all.

First you accidently spike the drops on them, then ban them from being farmed, then fail to fix them twice and finally ending with that is going to look like very very limited resources from them.

From a players perspective, that is an all negitive experience and outcome. Something is taken away from you and players never like that.

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