Patch 1.3 Crafting/625 Feedback

I’m heavy into crafting (200 crafting on everything except weaponsmithing and furnishing) so my idea may be biased but I think it has some serious merit.

First off i love the mutation changes, I really enjoy on PTR on new mechanics are added and not just making the dungeon mobs into bullet sponges, I think it makes dungeons more worth and developer the players end game more.

However, the recent crafting improvements take a step backwards with this new 1.3 update.
Currently crafters are able to lock in the attribute plus 1 perk, so getting the dream gear of good attributes and 2 solid perks are relatively attainable. But with the new proposed changes where only 600 GS gear can be upgraded to 625, this will make all sub 600 gear essentially worthless despite people rolling good perks on them.
With the new changes, people will need to roll the 2nd good perk as well as 600 GS, making the crafting grind unbearable. I have maxed trophies and I still rarely get 600 GS when I craft, not to mention 600 GS with good perks.
Furthermore, companies who are rich will be able to reach 625 GS easily by just spamming the crafts until they get 600s, collecting the umbral shards and upgrading their crafts to 625.
I believe this will only widen the gap between power companies and less fortunate companies.

i believe a possible solution is to implement a way for 590+ gear to be upgraded to 600, whether by umbral shards or some other fashion.

Another solution would be to increase the odds of getting patterns from dungeons, the ones that guarantee 600, and maybe implement a converter system where you can use azoth or some other material to convert the pattern to one that you like.

Either solution will still give players the amazing feeling of progression MMOs are known for, while still making the endgame somewhat attainable for most players.


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