Patch 1.4.4 Killed my Character After Logging In

  • What is your character name in New World: Mala Zedik

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Yggdrasil

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: My character fell to his death after logging in.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Costs me gold and repair parts for a death outside of my control.

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: At the cost of in-game gold and repair parts.

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
    Death Screen showing where I died in town:

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
    Log out next to the Trading Post in Mountainhome. Let New World Update to Patch 1.4.4. Log back into the game the following day. Fall to my death. Respawn and continue on my way.

How peculiar, thanks for reporting this MalaZedik. I’ll get it over to the development team and I’m sorry to see your character died here! D:

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I had this issue after the recent patch as well, didn’t really think much of it. I logged in and fell through the map

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