Patch and Future Update Questions

Seeing the patch notes for the upcoming patch, I have several questions on outstanding issues that affect our Company:

[Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET

  1. Regarding “Companies will have a one-time reimbursement for any war declarations made since our November 1.1 update”

Does this include wars declare prior to the patch, but scheduled for after the patch? Our war was a stop-motion picture (seconds per frame).

  1. When can we expect elemental wolves/bears to be harvestable again? There are quests that are not completable as they cannot be “skinned” to get the quest items from them. Not to mention they are a great source of materials.

  2. When can we expect furniture/trophy trading to be available again? We have several company members waiting for either storage chests or trophies for their homes to be crafted/upgraded for them by our company crafters.

  3. When can we expect to see server merges? A timeline would be nice as we lost close to 100 (almost 25%) of active members on our server since the 1.1 update occurred. We are now below 300 peak players per day.

  4. If server merges are far away, what is the timeline for a second round of server transfers? We would consider moving to another server, but since several members transferred in to be with friends when the server had a healthy population, we are unable to pick up roots and move to a new server at this time without additional transfer tokens.

Thank you in advance for any responses to these questions. I personally appreciate the hard work that AGS is putting into New World, and I hope that you find stability in your workload soon to work on all the fun things you have planned for us in the New World.



The elemental mob is huge. By not fixing this they are stopping players from progressing and the price of wyrdwood has skyrocketed.

@Luxendra: Any chance of a comment/update on these questions?

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