Patch notes barely has one page of fixes and it will take about 6 hours?

Kinda funny and frustrating…


u mean 7h


This is the first time they are doing a server maint, cut them some slack.

Edit: Yes I am pissed I woke up at 6 AM to farm, and realize that I might not even be able to play. But I am also a software engineer myself and understand these issues.


I’m guessing the server transfer part is tricky one?


Calm down, this is normal for tiny indie companies who can’t afford skilled support-staff and technicians.

Afterall, a 4-hour patch to implement some minor changes is normal and being unable to manage it in that and having to extend twice is just them continuing their normal profile seen from their development.

Remember the 4 times they postponed the launch ?, all so they could deliver the buggy, server-queued-fun we deserved!


I’d like to mention that I love to gather berries, I love to moonwalk at hyperspeed like Michael Jackson when I’m over-burdened but the system lets me run anyway and also, if you ever have doubts about something in life, ask yourself : What would Shia Laboeuf do? Then do that. It’s the right thing. Trust me.


Well they could always add more. :rofl:

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bro jeff probably doesn’t even know this game exists


I think its not the first time. They have a lot of BETA and ALPHA time to test the update process… shame on the tech team…

I was expecting more from a “Amazon” company.

Good Luck with the update… but… try harder next time. Thanks!


Number of fixes → time to deploy … this is not how technology works folks (I work in tech), there can be unexpected complexities and unforeseen issues at this scale even with a handful of changes. Having said that it is certainly not ideal that they overpromised and under delivered, and surely this can be improved going forward with better testing / planning and deployment methods like rolling updates.


This is the 5th*

No amount of people will speed up how much a GIANT server farm can handle updates with the possibility of random issues slowing down progress.


Lets be honest, its cos their code sucks, and their change management processes are lacking in rigor and proper process, they start late, never finish on time and always have new and unusual outcomes.

Company I work for if they had had a technical wall like this with a change it would be invoke roll back to original state and go back to the drawing board cos firefighting to try and force the patch/update through by implementing workarounds and modifying things on the fly to “get the job done” never ever turns out well.

Seems like they didnt test the patch or the patching process. at least not very well.

Not surprising given the random GPU performance the game has and the extreme demand it puts on systems is looking more and more like faults in the code and inefficiency in code highlighting a flaw in hardware design of a small proportion of GPU’s

This game could be great but the poor planning and knee jerk reactions to the issues are really letting it down, badly.


Server queues are not a bug, it’s everyone trying to join the only server with a not-so-weird name.


I would expect more too, but trust me, servers can do unexpected things. For all we know a server messed up and wiped everything, which is why it’s taking so long.

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hmm its the first patch after launch or am i mistaken? so stay calm and let the guys do their job. ranting here will not get the game online faster.


This is the first time doing server maintenance? Did they not have to do it during the alpha and beta?


no worries i understand that too and i dont shit talk them :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this is the first patch after the official launch handling 50x the load they have in the past.

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Yeah I’d imagine the largest company in the world still having issues with a 170mb patch

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