Patch Notes + Faction Bug

I need to understand if the faction bug is going to purist past this new set of patch notes. You’ve have several hundred reports of users unable to proceed past level two of their faction missions due to a bug that occurs when a user has gone from faction A to faction B then back to faction A post server transfer or merge.
Please can this be addressed directly as I don’t believe it’s mentioned at all and most (not all) of this new content relies on access to faction purchases.


it is fixed for future transfer.

it is not fixed for current ones.

which means… fuck us.

that’s all.


OMG! I just can’t believe it’s true!

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Came here to ask about this as well. We need clarification that our characters are being unfucked and generous compensation for our massive losses. Varies server to server, but on mine if you swapped back to your original faction the first day or two it was possible you’re currently down like 120k gold from where you should be right now due to this bug, and that’s just that one specific loss from this issue. The less quantifiable loss of part of the already minimal gameplay loop was pretty fucking big on top of losing out on the raw value all our characters should have been generating.

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