Patch notes for tonight's maintenance?

Anyone see any patch notes for what is being done tonight? Am I failing or is amazon failing to communicate again?

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Not sure what the Patch notes will say, but pretty sure something like we knew this and that and its fixed and exploiters have been banned don’t do this.

Or somethign LOL

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Its not part of their normal update. Check the announcement, they just re-enabling player wealth options.

Thanks. Fixed the typo.

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unzipped and slapped dupers across the cheeks and threw them out of the club.

your welcome

They will probably push it to tomorrow for the very least, or maybe skip this week entirely.


Cool. We are going to get war exploiters and all the passive stacking glitches resolved and slapped across the face tomorrow right?


Did they say how long the servers are down for tonight?

3 hours, so about 30 mins left… That’s an estimate though and not an exact number, I presume.

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you are catching on, for each swing at the bugs, ten fold legit players are also slain

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