Patch notes not a single word about missing legendary items for all the legendary GS 600 Weapons

Its been mentioned that with this months patch notes we will get an update about the missing legendary items that are needed to craft the 600 GS weapons. I am not talking about the legendary artifacts that are in the game but the other legendary items that are needed like for example the enchanted bow string for the Warpwood bow or the Etched Handguard for the Voidbringers Rapier.
It has been confirmed by the devs that all this items are not in the game yet. How long do we have to wait?
People are allready crafting similar weapons by just gambling and having all the buffs activated for their crafting professions…


Where did they mentioned that? Never heared about that before. They added it to the [Megathread] Weekly Update 1.0.5 Bug Megathread and said they will fix the list one by one. We cant do anything instead of waiting. So lets hope it will be brought in quickly.

He said this month. So just wait? nobody can give u an exact date. You already had the informationa but created another thread? like wth?

Yeah one of the reasons i have quit. Spending so many hours on WS crafting and then finding out the items you need are not even ingame. NW is just one big mess rn.

This is the patch for this month. There will be no other notes this month. There is nothing else to wait for this month…i have no information about it in this patch notes like promised and thats why i started this thread. The message from the dev team is way older than the patch notes. You are free to leave if you feel atacked by threads. I dont need a comment from you and your personal unnecessary opinion on my thread so i would welcome if you stop spamming.

What patch are you talking about? There has not been a 1.0.6 patch announced.

Also, assuming which patch is “the monthly patch” is your own fault. Unless you have definitive word and not assumed translation of what is actually said, you should not state anything is fact.


You posted a screen of his comment 1 day ago so how should i know that this is older? No Dev or Com. Mananger will answer your thread. There is already a Information and its on the [Megathread] Weekly Update 1.0.5 Bug Megathread like i said before. They already said FEW times that they will fix it one by one. Nobody can give you an exact date when they will implement it.

This is odd.

You give a SS but no link. I went to look for this post, yet there is no history of it when looking here >>> New World Forums - A community for Adventurers

makes me question what you are attempting to do.

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I actually saw the thread that that SS is from, that’s legit. But it was last week.

Also, there’s update notes every week so what are you on about with this, “Monthly Update” nonsense.

Are you okay right now?

What a shame still no words about the missing materials in the patch notes…

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