Patch notes when?

The perk changes are a really big deal and I’d really like to see them will we be getting those patch notes this week or month?

The changes are intended for the July patch at the earliest or subsequent updates in the summer.
There will be no big updates this month, so there will be no patch notes.

The patch notes for the July update will be announced with the release of the patch, probably at the end of July.

As mentioned in the May Dev Video, we’ll be focusing on weekly updates this month.

well… this week, it is a downgrade.


Understand this months weekly updates, but this weeks update took what…20 minutes of programing time? Meantime not a single bug in the list of hundreds could be fixed?


there is no patch notes for tomorrows patch :slight_smile:

its basically people bitching and moaning about Great / GREEN cleave and now Amazon is using 2 hours to fix the missions there under the pretense of a " patch" day lol so funny they actually caved into people moaning on the forums haha :smiley:

@Luxendra maybe you can use the time for a better purpose and FIX the fishing crashes/stalls that would atleast BE worth while…


Yeah i just thought that we’d see some notes in advanced considering the amount that will be dropping all at once at the end of July personally I think it would be a good idea to at least give us the perk buffs considering there is 150 and if even one is over tuned too much it could completely unbalance pvp or Pve that is and obviously nothing is set in stone anyway not expecting a ptr or anything just a rough draft of the changes to the perks.

Disappointed it’s literally just GC nerfs and no bug fixes.

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