Patch which gives nothing! Is this a joke?

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I see 3 things in this list. Where are all the other ones? Especially the ones found in the Bug megathread? [Bug Megathread] November Monthly Release (1.1)
This patch at a minimum should have addressed all the new bugs listed. Also these patches are screwing the wars up, so nice fixing the war if the patches resets the influence each time. We are on a low pop server and getting the influence done to take a region takes alot of effort. roughly a total of 1000 pvp runs to get to 100 influence. We have been screwed over 4 times by these useless patches that don’t actually fix anything we have been posting bug reports on.

Can you please for the love of all things Aeternum also give us a list of ALL bugs and have someone regularly updated it. Because its impossible to see if you have added anything.


Fixed a bug where some crowded combat situations would lead to players appearing to be frozen and other state could not be conveyed to a user due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

I wish they would fix more too, and stop breaking stuff with rushed out crapy patches.
That fix i quoted is not nothing and i promise you do not want to fight a war in this games current state. So, its good they are at least trying to fix that first.

I should also add, by now you should expect downtime Tuesdays through Thursdays. Dont declare war during that time


That is very true - fortunately (in this case) we have not had the pleasure of wars because the patches have been eliminating influence for our server - we are on currently in the top 5 low pop servers and we have not had a war for almost a month now because we can’t beat the clock on the patches. We tried after the last patch only for an unannounced patch coincided with our declared time. This seems to be regular occurrence for all factions and is a running joke now. Most have stopped playing because there is no timeline on server mergers or indication of.
We receive no money back. Even with the change to the trading post we don’t make enough money to have a consistent upgrade of towns.

These small bugs on a low pop server are a huge issue and mean alot to us as its all we have at the moment - even the 1 outpost rush we have is a planned event.


Unfortunately its not much better on higher pop servers.


You do know this isnt the main weekly patch…… really should think before being so upset


It was already expressed that going forward there would only be one patch a week. We have not had that yet then which is more disappointing when you have a game mechanic that resets during a patch. If it was once a week I would not be vexing my frustration.


Unfortunately, there are not even much players left to complain about maintenance, which again, takes place in EU prime time. They butchered their own game…


So no musket exploits being fixed opr is unplayable til it’s fixed .


Is this another joke? 3pm EU time.

People are quitting and you still do the same mistakes. After 400h im getting tired of this.


Enjoy your holidays AGS, see you in January i guess


So the downtime for the other servers fixing these same issues….? This is not the weekly patch…. Youre upset for 0 reason
Edit: more precise they have brought down servers for less and it’s probably a big enough problem that the time skips need to be addressed…. Or every time skip that happens randomly… makes for more work vs oh take em all sown rq


doesnt makes it better, does it? As it isn’t the weekly main patch we get another patch too the next days, so they could have done both at once as well. We still cant trade trophies where the issue for it is on the hold for over an week now, still can’t transfer furniture items into the storage and have to keep them in the houses, and can’t even trade trophies so far - there are tons of bugs which can be adressed and should be. There is no communication between ags and the players about the priorization of bug handling and there is no ETA on well known bugs so far… 3 fixes are “nice” 3 hour downtime isn’t and we still dont know, if there will be a weekly maintenance - some weeks ago ags commited to update player once a week on tuesday if there will be a patch or not, plottwist: they did it once and then never again…


Prime time 3pm? xD
the servers are back up when its prime time
go to work


Salt in this thread is hilarious


people like to complain :smiley:
in this forum 99% of the people complain about not enought endgame content
so 3h shouldnt be worth a post :smiley:


not disputing the fact that is not an issue. I’ve been monitoring the posts on the servers suffering from that bug. This is a long standing issue though which occurred when the game was launched. The last week it has just become more prevalent. So its understandable to get a quick fix out for it. But this is based on your assumption that this is not the weekly patch.

I hope you are right there and hope that a community manager provides a response to concur with what you are stating. @Luxendra or @Tosch can either of you confirm?

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I will take a shot of ketchup if wrong

hopefully we get a response. A simple virtual handshake would do XD.


When I read the patchnote I was like… where is the rest? Did the intern forgot to post the 90% missing text of the patchnote?

It’s been one of the worst, if not the worst week gameplay wise in New World, with many people raising their voices in many place, like for example in steam reviews, that pushed the reviews to extremely negative, and that’s all they come with? 2 and half a bug fix?

Give me a break man…


How do you know it’s not the main weekly patch?