Patch which gives nothing! Is this a joke?

Um ya just logged in after the patch and my Taxes on my T4 house is 74 gold???

I had to download an update to the game client before launching.

Why is there no “version 1.1.1” notes?

Did you not version this client update?

What version are we on and what game client updates did I just download?

Seriously mate, I could be cordial with you if you had asked questions or approached me in a more inquisitive manner. I could have done a better job with how I asked my questions… But you replied and answered questions that weren’t asked, and completely ignored the subject and premise of my comment when replying.

I don’t fucking understand.

Some kids should just be left behind.

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ahaha like WTF, said patch fixed unique cases of crash, before mt I never crash, now just login already crash lol

have a sudden lag spike - not had any issues before in any patches and game has run smoothly for me since this last fix…anyone else have this issue?

So much peoples never going to understand how worlwide time work…

basically rn its whoever has the most muskets and healers win

Sheesh you’re all such a bunch of cry babies. Get a grip.

heaven forbid we want game breaking bugs and exploits fixed :roll_eyes:

About to cancel my amazon prime
Amazon is ass

i’m pretty sure they all ready announced no weekly patch this week. just some hot fix’s

do you have a link to that? I haven’t seen anything but have had a few people tell me no weekly patch this week.

It is true sir. And it is like that since the beginning of the game so I would suggest not making empty statements purely based on your emotions as they are good for the pet companions and hold no value on the internet.
It’s ok to sometimes be sad or frustrated but sadly as human beings with brains, we need to follow practical logic instead of emotional hormone rushes.

Don’t listen to random strangers as you have seen there is another patch on Thursday AS ALWAYS hence the beginning.

Is there? Can you send link to where someone states this?

? I was merely stating that we were waiting for confirmation on the status of the weekly patch. This has yet to manifest however the short communication that has come from AGS is that there will not be a weekly patch this week. What is emotional about that? I am surprise they thought it was ok not to communicate that in the first place. I understand issues happen but they didn’t even stand by their word on communicating. I am more concerned about the fact they haven’t communicated rather than release the weekly patch. So not sure where you are going with that statement.

Tbf they shouldn’t have to announce that they will be having the weekly patch every week. It should be assumed that they are unless told otherwise. They’ve missed one and informed everyone they were missing it.

can you add reference where they informed everyone they were missing one? As not seen that.

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