Patch which gives nothing! Is this a joke?

Absolutely agree.

Are you kidding me right now??

This is one of the biggest issues for me in the game and has been since launch day. People “Freeze” on my screen all the time and then pop somewhere else. Its kind of hard to attack or shoot someone when they are not even there anymore and dodged or ran away a few seconds ago. It is literally the most pressing issue in the entire game for me and has been for some time.

Now whether they actually fix it or not, it is another story. I honestly have little faith at this point that I will be able to play PVP without these crazy glitches, but saying there is nothing here is just nuts.

If they do what they are saying they are doing it will correct my number one issue with the game. Balance and everything else is secondary to actually seeing on your screen a representation of what is happening on the server side.

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oh i am paying attention - we’ve been trying to host a war for 4weeks now. But have had issues beating the time to get the influence because of unannounced patches. Wars must be fixed…we will see if they are. Also the timewarp…very important issue. They have not fixed it they have reduced occurence with this patch as stated in their small patch update.

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Is NW currently still in Beta?

We know da wey!©AGS

If they dont unlock trade for Furnishing with this patch, game is dead in 7 days max!
Players dont have the option to trade there trophy parts to there friends who are 200 in Furnishing so they can have there max trophys, its a endgame killer they did, yeas ofc, they have to stop the dupping somehow, but it cant be done by blocking 99% of the players that never abused that, it cant be done by block trade for a fundamental profession, making all players unable to get there trophys means all that did not lvl Furnishing cant play the real endgame, cant craft 600 gear/weapon/tools!
I am siting now on my first dack/dice drops after 600h of grind and i have no way of geting my trophys done…
what worrys me the moust is that they are not even giving us a simple “we are working on it”


Seems so.

Maybe there is more happening behind the curtains than we know.

Untill now they have answerd all problems asap, when it comes to Furnishing they are silent for 7 days already, so whatever is happening behind the curtains is simple, they have no way of fixing it or they are just trying to buy more time do to the fact that future content is to far away from the head of the top active players.

i dont understand why they dont implement a way of updating without having this huge downtime times.

Friend could salvage his stuff.

Dont worry mate, they propably nerfed elite chests more but forgot to tell us.


Reading this thread and many others I have to wonder how constructive it is and the total lack of empathy for developers who are people like all of us here. How about a little support for them as they too are working hard to try and get this game working. People keep talking about how the game will be dead and so on as if your absolute frustration at playing a game in its Beta phase is something you don’t want to acknowledge! The Devs are just doing a job and as humans, they make mistakes just as we all do. The difference is clear to see here in that your mistakes are hidden behind anonymity. Unlike some other games, the development team is very proactive and I am sure that soon things will improve. A further note, there is going to be conflicts of interest regarding what the devs want for us and what they are told they must do. If I was one of the devs reading all this troll nonsense I am sure I would either a: never read this crap again or b: not be so motivated to fix bugs just to make some raging troll happy.

So may I suggest people try to support the devs and stop whinging about every little thing. We should be trying to help them by giving them positive feedback in a polite way. At least then maybe these bugs will be fixed instead of you lot creating such a negative atmosphere about a game in Beta for god sake!!!

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Yeah right!

Just another example of a troll raging at the slightest input from rationality.

My Company did tests on Elite zones, one funny example what we found out is if you go with 7 players ( one 5 man groups and one 2 man group ) its much harder, but if you go with one 5 man group and 2 players not in a group its easyer xD its still 7 players do…
They are trying to kill Zerg and i agree that Zerg is somthing that has to stop, but this is not the way to do it, nerfing elite chests and saying that it was not intended is a LAY! The end resoult of it is making a bigger gap between players that are done with Watermark and players that are not! Just by going with 10 players in 2 groups clearing Elite zones you get apsolutly destroyed as soon as you get clouse to a 3th group or they get clouse to you, this is redicules! They made a patch that created a unintansional Grif option, this last patch was the biggest fail in MMO history!

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we hope so but without a proper patch note we will find when we log back in.

I really enjoy this game, at it’s core AGS is getting a lot of things right but their lack of experience managing a deployed game shines thought. I am at the point where I feel really sad how this game is being handled and how a lot of the great potential is wasted.

In my opinion they have to think how they can do a few things to improve the relationship with the community:

  1. Always be 100% transparant on changes you are implementing (like the nerfts of crafting)
  2. Communicate changes well ahead of time so that people have a chance to decide if they want to “go after” something before it changes
  3. Decrease downtime, find a way of ensuring you reduce the amount of server downtime when patching or deploying hotfixes.
  4. Rotate the schedule as much as possible to ensure the same players are not always taking the hit
  5. Beleive in your vision for the game, don’t try and chase a million different opinions on what it should be.
  6. Relax, you got this
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Proactive??? Where the hell have you been all this while?? Have you not seen the shit show they brought with 1.1??? Honestly the game was in an ok state before 1.1, and people were happy enough about it to defend the game’s health. The devs have only shown how disconnected they are with the player base. The current state of the game is indefensible, go be a white knight elsewhere.

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Bad games create tons of salt.

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