Patch will be on Feb 28

Better late than never!

Official News
Feb. 28 Update

Honestly so excited for this in OPR, I was saving up cache for PVP since I’m still using Heavy VB (doing decent in PVP btw!). Can also finally upgrade my other leggos with the umbrals!


its still in feb

so it is still technically correct

the best kind of correct



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Yessir, idc if it’s in March tbh I just want my smelter gear and my OPR caches

people can stop complaining now thank god (jk)


Insert that’s where you’re wrong kiddo meme


I mean even if it came in March I gotta be honest chief, it’d be a show of character if they took the real time to tool something up instead of shoving it out in a rush. I just need it to launch without more gamebreaking bugs…

Good work takes time. Rushed work makes work.

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You and I are hoping for the same thing. I really want this new patch to have as little bugs as possible, and maybe nothing game breaking…

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I’m just excited to see what managed to make its draft, and I’m excited to see if this platforms for better patching process in the future as they work on infrastructural things besides.

Cripes, I’ll wait six months if that’s what it takes-- so long as they’re keeping us even loosely in the know over those six months.

It’s being left in the cold unsure if I’m going to be picked up that makes me worry. Insert I feel like I’m forgetting something meme.

They should stop pushing their own deadline on themselves to give monthly updates and just TAKE TIME to OVERHAUL SYSTEMS, and ADD CONTENT.

@Developer The game has already bled out. Stop the monthly “patches” that band-aid the wound and start looking at recovering longer term.

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This would be a good time to announce a departure from the system and to embrace something like that but then it’s presumably their management putting deadlines on monthly patches just as they rushed the game out and presumably as they trashed the entire prior game design instead of tabling solutions, compromises and incorporating systems that answer the base system’s flaws.

Unfortunately, you don’t usually watch your niece throw everything off the living room table to have some sort of conundrum of faith halfway through. Usually, if you mention to your niece that her mother actually extremely dislikes when she’s destructive for no reason, she grins this devil’s grin and starts clearing off the table double-time.

Presume we are in that scenario, where if we ask too much of AG they’re just going to start throwing things on the ground while giving us that ‘go ahead; I’ve already won’ look.

(I accept that this may just be my niece; she is certainly of our family’s stock)

I have popcorn ready for all the angry posts about Feb 28th update contents. Good to know Feb 28th we’ll finally get some progression & reward through Opr.

And tons off new bugs

If I am reading the patchnotes right, the endgame changes, rapier Nerv and so on, is not part of the feb update right? They just re-posted a lot of stuff which was part of the ptr patchnotes and saying thanks, but not that this is part of the patch?

So many changes… yet they failed to address the reason people left.

No level 60 solo content.

Silly people.

So excited for this patch as well. Especially how it improves on musket. The throw bomb animation lock bug was really annoying and now it will be more fun to use now without the bug haha.

The azoth travel cost update will also allow me more mobility on where I want to farm or just plainly visit to do townboards and exploring. If I just feel like going to ebonscale or the otherside in Mourningdale on certain days then I could just click without worrying about azoths. I like visiting different locales in this game because of how beautiful the landscapes are. So farming the same spot can be dull and now i can farm the same resources but on different settings easier.

@ReadyPlayer Glad to hear you are excited about the new patch. We hope it improves your New World experience!

@craznar It must be understood that we including the team communicated that February would be used solely for fixing bugs, bots and balance to ensure players have a smooth gaming experience. We’re planning more exciting content in the future.

@ZhaoDraco The team has definitely worked hard on this one, including everything else that has been going with the planning of new content and so on! We hope it improves your experience!!


The content is already there, you just need to make the world content soloable.

However, it is nice to see that you guys are still missing the point and that coming back isn’t something I need to have on my mind.