Pause wars until major PVP bugs are fixed

Since the patch 1.0.4 was released last night, there have been a number of bugs related to combat. Below is a list of all of the already known bugs. This is only what AGS has confirmed already. There are other bugs that AGS has not confirmed yet.

With wars/territory control being such an important part of the game, wars need to be disabled immediately.

  • Great Axe Bloodlust Proc
  • Equipping 2 life staffs
  • Inconsistent Ice Storm spell effects. Does damage sometimes, does no damage sometimes, does damage initially, stops, then starts ticking again.
  • Resilient Perk giving damage absorption instead of critical damage absorption
  • Amber gem and Intelligence gems not working correctly (the %focus damage isn’t based on your focus/intelligence stats but only on weapon damage)
  • Fireball sometimes does not connect with enemies or even the ground, and just falls through the world
  • Stacking multiple health regen food buffs
  • Crouching sometimes triggers healing

I 100% agree. And even more so with the gold duping and not being able to donate to your Company.

This needs to be spread like wildfire until Amazon takes action. It’s past time to pause war mechanics until these issues are resolved!


Pause the damn wars.

Major Influencers like Shroud/Courage/KingGothalion.

Have all stated they are frustrated with this. Amazon if you wont listen to the main player base atleast listen to the ones who bring the people to the game.


Too bad for the people that used to have territories and lost it to those bugs. Let’s protect the company that took it from them.

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