Pay to do Dungeons?

Is this a MMO, and have to Pay to Join a group and do Dungeons! Whoa!


Ok the orb system is stupid yes but you know what it’s part of the game. Unless you are running it with friends then it’s technically “Free” if they don’t charge you. Now please go make some orbs and tell me if it cost you 0 gold to make.


Yep, the game has become pay to win. The whole orb system is just poor design in my opinion.


OR… you could make or buy an orb from a faction rep.


Pay to win referes to real money. Not ingame money.




Players: Gate players with 2,500 gold per person.
Also Players: Foam at the mouth against time gates

No sympathy.


I am trying real hard not to laugh, because there is an actual RMT market for mutation orbs.


Well let’s see. It costs 500g to buy a mutated orb from faction store and 250g for the chisel to make one. The only other cost you have to absorb is the crafting fee at the stonecutting station to to make the orb and its components. Don’t see how that equates to huge fees I see people asking for.

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I’m known as a good tank with Speed Strats, so I usually get in for free.

My Advise is to do use faction Tokens to buy an Orb, Craft 2 more, and do X5 Runs or Sell slots in your own run.

If you Buy an Orb using faction Token, Sell each slot for 1.5K Each. You are up 6K.
You can get into 4 more Runs.

If you can do 15 Runs per week and want more, then maybe go outside lol… Sorry that was toxic.


Lodestone and motes are really expensive. Before you couldn’t buy lodestone, so the “fee” was the time the player spent farming portals.

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Why should subsidize their unwillingness to gather the items?

You don’t have to, you can make it yourself and give the dungeon run away for free.

The best option is to find a company or group of players who do orb rotations, no-one pays and everyone gets 5 runs.

You are paying them for their time spent gathering, if they do gather it. Also, you make lots of gold from dungeons so on regular gen/Laz it can be a free run with the chance for good loot.

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Which means the 1k or so price is reasnable since you make that back in a single run, but 10K, 50K?

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Whether you buy them or gather them it makes no difference. They have the value they have no matter what. On my server crafting a Laz orb costs around 1800g, then the cooldown itself has value, same as with any crafting cooldown. You can only craft two per week. Orb system is dumb but so long as it exists pretending that you’re not a leech for wanting free runs is silly.


Those are mutated dungeon prices, not regular dungeons. They are far more valuable and scarce, hence the cost.

Oh, the price for those isn’t settled yet and will fall over time as more players unlock those higher levels.

Since the runner has to complete the tier below, you can effectively skip levels to whatever level you want and/or just run the top tier levels, and get thousands of upgrade shards.

For mutated orbs you are paying for 5 things

A)normal dungeon rewards
B)the unlock of next tier mutation
C)shards, which are worth a lot to players
D)the limited opportunity for that week of actually doing it, you may not have time to get all the materials within a week!
E)FOMO for new content, prices are super high and will drop (like Timeless Shards did)

While all true, the deamnd is largely driven by impatience more than anything. I really want to know what those who spent large sums of gold to get to GS625 doing laz mutations are now doing (Oh I know about leveling a 2nd or 3rd gear set) but still. What content outside of mutations now exists that requires that level gear or is projected to exist in the next 2 or 3 months? Feb is a bug fix/bot elimination/balance month. So sometime in Mar is the earliest chance for any new contant that makes use of the GS625 gear so why the rush?

Yeah, some people just like to be the first I think.

Hopefully orbs are removed and loot is rebalanced+tradeable within a group.


The orbs are likely to stay a while for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are actively trying to slow player progression down because they know nothing is imminent that requires the end result of the umbral shard grind.

  2. They are going to become a convenience item in the cash shop.

Making items tradable within the group in the instance makes a lot of sense along with eliminating unusable trait combos or at least increasing the probablity of the usable ones. Nothing more statisfying than salvaging a legendary item due to unusable stat combos.