Paying Gold for Expeditions, not a good thing?

Hi guys, just wondering have you paid gold for a spot for Expeditions?

What happens if you cannot cover the cost or do not get the Legendary drops? What happens if someone disconnects and cannot complete the Expedition?

I think it is a bad idea, I Strongly feel the game developers should look into this issue currently, people might be getting scammed.


If you are worried about those things then don’t pay for one. Easy.


yes i have, it’s good actually, you gain fair amount of gold in return for selling loot, and sometime ten times.

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Funny thing is, i just got to the faction quest where we have to complete the Amrine expedition. After getting invited into the group, we headed there, entered and completed the whole thing. Then I thought, oh cool! The entrance is free! Right after they said thanks to me for the orb. I was like, what? Only realised that I had an orb in my bag that used for the whole thing. Did i just gave free expedition? Yep I did Sir.

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PROblem solved

Thats for amrine though… no one charges for amrine… lol :rofl:

I think it is fine, tbh they could get around it by allowing people to trade keys which would make more sense but this is what we have to work with.


Just don’t pay dungeon m8. Craft your orbs and invite ppl for free.


Ohh nice to know I didnt just miss a chance at earning money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeah you are good usually just genesis and lazarus seen as the mats needed to create it are expensive. and it drops endgame gear.

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Its true the End game expeditions need some high level materials to craft, so how do you justify the cost? Some people I saw streaming on Twitch did not get legendary all the time for the End game dungeons…

Nobody forces you to pay for expeditions.

You can farm the keys yourself and invite 4 more people to join for free.
Problem solved.

You are welcome.


The current practice of “paying” for a slot is a result of poor game design. No thought went into what would happen to the gaming population once they found out the dungeons were flat locked behind a very ill thought out game mechanic.

The remaining players that do not want to grind their skills or farm excessive amounts of garbage to make these find it simpler to pay…and thus a garbage game mechanic is now a “feature”

The AGS team will no doubt say “This Orb system was cleverly designed to bring players together in an atmosphere of commerce and trade, to garner adventure and comradery”

The more common sense fact is that people that got there skills up and know how to take advantage of a messed up game mechanic are profiting.


You must be really stupid or low to pay for expeditions :smiley: Never ever since day 1 had any problems with getting into group even when server was half dead. Now after merges there’s groups going left right and centre… And i still have all orbs, never used even one.

It’s a terrible system, but selling runs is the best way to recoup for the cost of crafting. It’s making the best of a bad situation.

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You can either have a Team of 5 people, everyone farming one key per week for example.
This way you can run 5 Dungeons.

Or you farm the key yourself, invite 4 People for free, and get nothing in return.

Or you farm the key yourself, invite 4 people for Gold and buy yourself another 4 Spots later.

I wouldnt call it profiting, keys are selling really low compared to the amount of time you spend for them.

I can do more gold per hour by just farming.

But the fed, duping, exploiters have to spend their millions somehow.

If you didn’t have to pay taxes you could afford more.


It’s a terrible system. I’ve done hundreds of dungeons in ESO, Strikes in Destiny, and various other endgame content in other games. In New World I’ve run like 6 dungeons total.


The underlying cause for it being a thing is stupid/bad…which is arbitrary time gating of content.

People doing it because the system is dumb making orbs expensive is reasonable.

The solution is to drastically reduce materials for getting into dungeons, make the keys a 1 time craft, or do away with keys and just limit the amount of runs you can do per day if they want to slow progression.

My personal preference is quests give you a one time use key and then you can craft a permanent key for some 10 to 20k worth if materials that key would have 2-3 uses per day before it goes into cool down but would require no further materials. Initially people who are fast with keys could probably charge for new dungeons for a few weeks but over time enough people would have keys runs would cheapen.

I support the keys being a commodity that can just be traded like normal, I also think everyone should have to bring their own key and the crafting reqs should be lowered.


I personally do not mind but I wouldn’t complain if they removed the time-gating aspect either. If they removed the time-gating aspect, then I, among many others, would just run them over and over again trying to get 600 drops and to just make some money from the dungeon itself.

At the moment, spots for Genesis and Laz average around 2K. If you consider the amount of motes/quintessences and runestones needed to craft said orbs, it’s cheaper to just sell the mats and buy a seat. However, if you’re buying seats, you give up the convenience of being able to run the expedition whenever you want. You rely on someone else selling seats. You also run risk of potentially being scammed. I only buy seats from players I see regularly and players I trust. I haven’t been scammed so far. My server also has a blacklist channel on Discord to publicly call out any scammers who rob people.

I personally craft orbs not only because I hate seeing blight seeds being hoarded in my inventory, but also because I like having the orbs to run with my core group whenever I want. Two members of my group are on a break to take care of IRL stuff. I have 6 Laz orbs waiting for them to return, with 3 more Laz cores waiting to come off of weekly CD. In the mean time, I gladly pay to seats so that I can get runs in without burning my orbs to run my core group through.

Just an assumption but AGS seems to want certain things to be rare. The methods by which they try to maintain rarity of particular items are through low drop rates and time gating; both aspects are things that some members of the community does not seem to like. I don’t particularly mind either way. Just my two cents.

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