Pearls. Moderator could we get answers?

Could we get a straight answer? Not asking for the secret sauce that makes up your luck jambalaya.
Just one question. Is pearls causing a negative effect to Luck?

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They have no clue. They proved this when one of the mods said the other day that flagged luck is not actually a thing…after AGS told us it was and they made changes.

Mods are leaving the building just like the devs and players. Dying game. Dying servers.

I think that was a miscommunication re: flagged luck. I think AGS took it as bonus to luck when killing players (which actually should still apply).

But yeah, I’m suspicious of pearls too. I went from full luck, like maximum possible, to just a luck perk on my armor (5x 2.8) only. I have gotten Lego trophy drops on both chest runs since then. And ZERO, literally ZERO, before that for about 50 runs.

Luck is broken. I don’t care what they say (or don’t say).

well its true a CM wouldnt know.

we need an actual dev to step in and set things straight.

dont make us waste our time and money on pearled luck gear if its not working properly right now and hiding behind RNG to not have to work on it.

I’ll bump this cause the only way for me to get more luck is to get the major trophies. So far i have pearls on every pieces of ly stuff, with luck combined (be it zrmor, weapons, jewelery).

And my luck is still non existent. I know i’m someone unlucky by nature. But still why create this perks if it actually hinder us. So far 600+ hours played. 20+ chest runs, 0 trophy mats, be it legendary or epic.

I got my first trophy mat in a furnishing chest someday ago. 10k+ used in oil and solvent, to get one cooking epic mat … I’ve never been so disappointed in this game

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