Penalties for exploiters? Proof or it didn't happen, AGS

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… there are penalties for players who choose to exploit gameplay…

On the contrary @Aenwyn there is no substantial proof that enough action is taken against exploiters in New World. Since launch. Why do you think people brazenly cheat and exploit in New World en masse? Where were the bans in the first months of launch when it was literally at least one new cheat or exploit per week?

Other games are not afraid to provide exact counts of bans and even lists of account names.

Show proof or it didn’t happen.

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When the win trading and fort trading was happening, it was a great time for AGS to stream action being taken. Now it’s too late and all we have are the usual empty words.
It’s this inaction that really killed PvP. Legitimate PvPers abandoned NW en masse when it was clear that AGS wasn’t going to actually hand out penalties for cheating and exploting.
AGS should just save themselves the trouble and abandon PvP. Like it should have done right after alpha.


AGS’s “ToS” policy makes it almost impossible to ban people. They require photo type proof and in this game it won’t happen unless someone is willing to show themselves making a RMT on an online site, meet with them in game taking pictures of the in game trade but that is also where AGS has YOU. They’ll ban YOU sure as shit and that one single bot who done the trade with you so it’s a go sit and spin PoV from AGS. I hate bots and gold sellers in ANY game and would LOVE to see tougher rules set in place but considering on how AGS and the devs want NW to crash and burn to make way for other things, this will not happen

You honestly think people should’ve been banned for fort swapping?

What reality are you living in sir. Devs making a miscalculation and players taking advantage of that shouldn’t be a bannable offense. A large portion of the playerbase was doing it and it wasn’t negatively impacting anyone.

It’s this inaction that really killed PvP.

What game have you been playing?

Legitimate PvPers abandoned NW en masse when it was clear that AGS wasn’t going to actually hand out penalties for cheating and exploting.

Legitimate PvPers, AKA people with brains, left NW because the combat system was shit. It was riddle with bugs, felt terrible, and was/still is poorly balanced.

AGS should just save themselves the trouble and abandon PvP.

They wouldn’t have a game at that point.

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I for one am interested in seeing unique animation cancels for individual weapons. an application of utility in pvp can really help amplify the entertainment. take GUNZ ONLINE for example. The World's Most Technical Third-Person Shooter - Rise And Fall Of Gunz - YouTube
considering that the many players came from games like overwatch and league of legends but there were games that offered a more complex combat understanding and they offered more to the experience for it games like prototype, tekkin, mortal kombat and many others, were you had your basic combat that could be picked up by any player but there lies a hidden mechanic that could be mastered to enable the player to pull off awesome maneuvers. it would be cool seeing the spear being used as a pole vault, or the war hammer being used to hammer toss the player over farther distances. ALL OF THESE ADDITIONAL ABILITIES WOULD HAVE TO COME WITH SOME SORT OF HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD FUNCTION AND BEFORE THE 1.3 PATCH THERE WAS THAT TECHNIQUE BASED MECHANIC TO THE GAME WHERE YOU CONSUMED 2 WELL TIMED ABILITIES TO ACHIEVE A BETTER MORE UNIGUE OUTCOME AND ALSO HAD THE CHANCE TO FAIL THEREBY BALANCING THE MECHANIC. I for one miss the void gauntlets ability to dash forward at high speeds to evade attacks and exit traps or probably the least usefull but something I had the most fun doing… crossing the chasm near myrkgard. I never knew if this time I was going to fail the timing required to do the move successfully and fall into a pit full of fire ghosts and demons. but sadly hundreds of players yelled EXPLOIT!!! instead of stopping to think of the possibilities.

Exploit? Lmao… Ppl are funny.
First we hear mimimi we want pvp.
Once we have pvp.
Then now all factions are singing kumbaya and doing pvp mission all together.

Way too funny. xD

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You know my answer to that one already.

^ This ^

“We need better PvP rewards!” Players
“Ok, here you go.” AGS
“Hey guys, let’s just not PvP at all and just trade these forts without fighting each other so we can all rank up our PvP tracks without doing any PvP at all!” Also players.


This is far from the truth, but I guess you’re free to live in whatever reality you want.

Yes, because the devs didn’t make proper rewards. They capped the real PvP game mode that they just added.

lmao you must be a baggins fan. so lets just leave it like that, for now :slight_smile:



Yeah, I know who baggins is because I’ve been through the twitch section before. I’ve been in a lot of people’s twitch chat, that’s because I actively seek out how other people are playing and what their perspective is.

great then you are accustomed with the smell of copium. But a warning… dont overuse it. can get addicted.

This lol

the charlie brown “whaaaaaaaa!” we want pvp. give the players pvp and they suck their thumbs and dance with their blankies in the forts.

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