People getting random 50 - 200k gold from AGS?

I haven’t received my random 200k. Please. I’m poor. Waiting!


Same Problem here,

Char: Toshina
World: Tartarus

Recieved 225.225 Coin after a relog…

Is this for real? People in my company as well. randomly getting 150k gold. I play so hard to get this kind of money. And now they do this? Meanwhile i got 3 houses and got nothing. Others get 150k …



@Lazer @Mod_G This seems like another huge issues. On our server items are selling like hotcakes, probably because of free money being given. Please oh please investigate this before even more damage is done …


same here
Char: Shathur
World: Utgard

received 300k coins.

Seriously its extreme critical, people already buying whole TP empty, all asmodeum, legendaries, tolvium. Punish exploiter and CLOSE TP !

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Looks like they reimbursed coins to people!

i got 400k
Mathefreak @ Styx

@Tosch rollback needed, AH gets empty


Why would someone receive this huge amount of money and someone not? I’m missing the logic here? Fucking AGS bro. They wont wipe 99% cuz a lot of time will pass since they even address this rofl.


I’ve got the same bug:

Server - Abaton,
nick in game - Xandrass
yesterday gold in inventory - about 11500 gold.
Now about 238445 (like on screenshot)

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yea, got the same problem on my acc.

@Tosch @Luxendra @TigerCr4ne

Bump - Rollback Server otherwhise full eco down and game rip


@DevonK @Kay

Two of my friends got ~200k gold. Came here to make a post and found this one.

W.T.F.!!! This is worse than all of the dupes combined, people are already going and emptying the trading post …

bei uns auf dem server ist auch totals chaos. diverse leute haben 300k und mehr bekommen. ich gehöre nicht dazu, aber mir wurden ALLE teuren sachen aus dem ah abgekauft. miner tools, stacked decks etc. alle auf einmal^^

amazon muss JETZT SOFORT einen rollback machen.
JETZT, nicht erst entschuldigen und blabla sondern JETZT.

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Same here lol AGS DO SOMETHING! ,

~31k to 454k after downtime

shut this thing down and rollback asap, would you?


na wenigstens kannst du mit dem geld jetzt dein sche… voidbent autauschen lol. wobei da auch 10k reichen würden^^

sorry, musste einfach sein

Same Problem here,

Char: Capitana
World: Kor

Recieved aprox 110,000 Coin after a relog

is this a cruel joke? :clown_face:

Yap, this realy looks crazy, looks like they give back all the monny you ever spent inside the game! They realy need to adress this!

Same Problem, please tell us whats up