People griefing other players while farming

So I am generally a positive person about this game, but when you have scummy players go around skinning your kills the game gets pretty unenjoyable. Like I literally went to farm some hide. Got everything ready. I kill some boar and bison. Then comes along another person unflagged and just continues to skin my kills. Honestly the devs really need to find a way to fix this. I really hope the devs are paying attention. Like make it so only whoever kills it can harvest it or you have to be in their group to harvest other players kills. Lots of ways to fix this and hope it changes.


agreed this is frustrating thing to happen and it is a fairly regular occurrence.

Since the mobs arent dense you should just share.


I hate when you clear mobs off a node, usually ori or starmetal, and someone comes and spams E on it. Nothing worse

@Tron_Dragon I understand the frustration of having unflagged players skin the mobs you kill. If they were flagged, the solution would be PvP combat. Thank you for sharing your feelings on the matter. I will forward them to the team.


So what you’re saying is if you skin someone else’s kill who isn’t in your group or company, they should autoflag to that person for a short time and can be killed?

Excellent :smiley:


Are you telling me that you got a person following you around skinning what you killed, beating you on the “E” war every single time?

Or you just went ahead killed everything in the zone and then complaining someone skinned them first… because you left them on the ground?


Reverse the situation. Unflagged player farming and a flagged player taking kills. Your solution would be for both to flag to contest over a resource, but what if 1 person doesn’t want to flag for it? It’s not a viable solution, and the only solution in this specific case of stealing killed mobs, is to lock the skinning to whoever group/player made the last hit and or dealt the most damage (dealing the most damage takes precedence). In this way it would be a viable solution for both sides. But even then there are drawbacks to this, there really isn’t a defining solution unless AGS can come up with it.

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is not that easy… that could be used to grief since a high level player will always do more damage more quickly than a low player

See a lot of people snipe all animals in the area with bow/musket, then expect other people not to skin their kills. Sorry but I‘ll take your shit if you are being greedy and trying to claim everything just because you use a ranged weapon.


Yep that’s why I said there are drawbacks to this, unfortunately I can’t think of any other solutions right now (not my job either) good luck to AGS but it’s a minor problem imo. Lots of other sources of hides anyways.

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If you make the kill-- IE you get full(er) credit for it-- it’s locked to you for skinning. Make the lock last 30-60 seconds. If high level players are AoE-blanketing areas, then A) you’re basically screwed anyway unless you AoE first and B) make first-come-first-served the kill method so if you so much as graze its nose hairs with your boot, you’re in for the credit.

This problem is not quite so insurmountable, and certainly doesn’t need flagging for a solution.

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Or we leave it as it is and you just go elsewhere on this massive map to farm hides. Literally no issue.

Eh, I’ve played video games online long enough to understand that the petty spite some people wield in order to get their dopamine rush is something to which I can hold no candle.

If you want my suggestion, get up and do something else for 15, shoot some rope, watch something on Youtube, go take fat bong rips outside-- but don’t try to compete with someone who clearly gets their rocks off on being obstinate and difficult exclusively when and where other humans are involved. All you have to do is show you’ve lost interest.

I’m assuming there’s some way to be followed in-game. Surely all of these people haven’t just marched blindly along the same farming route to get out-farmed without ever trying, you know, literally anywhere else on the map.

Still don’t see why they haven’t caught up to systems implemented in WoW circa like, 2005, though. Come on. It’s practically a speak-and-spell on MMORPG quality-of-life, provided you communicate in one of the like ~12 languages the game has been localized in. At this point, I assert that QoL fixtures in WoW have been around longer than some of these people have been in the industry.

You just look around after a while and wonder why nobody’s tried water on the fire when they live next to a lake. Is it a lake of oil?

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I am not saying that my solution is the correct one. I am just saying there should be a way to prevent this. Going to another area is not a solution. Nor is going to do something else. I should be able to log on and go resource gathering if I want to without being griefed by another player. This was a problem in the early betas when some animals had low spawn rates for quests. Maybe their patch in the PTR will fix this.

Solution is to kill 1, skin 1, kill 1, skin 1.

Other players could argue that you are robbing them of skins by killing everything for yourself, rather than just killing 1 at a time.

Further, there are plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of players that run around killing things an d not skinning them, for various reasons…maybe they are just doing a quest, or maybe they are just trying to level a weapon, so the assumption is, if you’re not skinning your own kills, then you don’t want to the skins, you jsut want the kills.

Even in the worst case scenario, no matter how many farmers or bots are around, there is never any shortage of mobs to kill and skin, so I don’t even understand the problem.


Actualy after atack you jave like 1 sec delay betvien skining, so he easy can start skinn animal first ;D

Yeah, but normally what most players do is they stop attacking before mob dies and start pressing E, so if you where not paying attention and you kill the mob then they will be the ones skinning it because they are already issuing the command, in that split second you are caught either finishing your attack animation or by the time you press E they already beat you to it.

Happens a lot to me… but is my choice to play the E-war or move on to another spot (unless is a specific mob for a quest)



I see the problem.

Other players are trying to farm skins, and you are trolling them by killing everything in the area, and getting mad when they skin them anyway.

I’ve never had any trouble at all finding a place where I can farm hides.

Incidentally, if I see a carcass lying there and nobody there or running toward it, I’m skinning it. I do it all the time. I see it as free resources left over from someone else just needing the kills and not wanting the skins.

Coming to the forums and asking AGS to do something is absurd.