People griefing other players while farming

that works too

Well all kills shouldn’t be locked just to you as you would kill everything first then skin. Instead only the First kill should be locked for 30secs, any other kills after should not lock as it would be fair game.

This is why names should be shown on auction house posts. Every MMO I have ever played shows the name of the person that posted the item.

Why be sad about it? If you don’t want get kills stolen, go to other places to farm. Why cry about it? Next you will cry because other people take your fibers?

Why can’t you just live with it? Change location or do something else. Why are you such a crybaby? Why report them if it is not against rules to skin something you haven’t killed?

Trying to solve this problem with mechanics will just create more contention over what mechanics are “fair”.

The best solution is private worlds. Don’t like kill-stealing jerks? Then don’t invite them into your instance. Problem solved. Many other issues solved too.

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The general case of this issue is “I don’t want to play with jerks”. And MMOs are filled with jerk randoms. The private world concept bypasses this entirely by letting players choose quality players to play with.

Yea and if you want spot im pvp on - fight me. Simple as that.

No need to go to such length… specially because it will be either useless (if I can’t sell the farmed resources in the TP) or will destroy the economy (because bots now have a quiet place to farm without no body watching).

GW2 has a better approach… non-shared nodes (private nodes so to speak) with controlled scarcity by randomized spawn locations and daily limits

edit: the approach has its drawbacks of course… like sometimes you will see people farming a “panthom” node you can’t see… or two people farming same node…. but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks IMHO

That really is annoying. I’d say to add a cooldown for skinning just like we have a cooldown on loot bags.

Private worlds for farming materials just kills the economy and the craft. A cooldown to skin the animal after being killed would solve it.

The solutions in this thread are counterproductive. When somebody steals a resource from me it’s a problem because it wastes my time. If I had to PvP with them as well, that would just waste even more of my time.

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Being able to sell materials has clearly already ruined the economy and the RNG and scarcity and materials pyramid that is the AGS solution has ruined crafting.
Selling things is not necessary at all to the game, especially if harvesting and crafting are both made reasonable.

That said, private nodes is also certainly a possibility. FFXIV for example has completely personal nodes that are completely predictable. What they don’t have is unreasonable materials demand due to RNG results or a crazy materials pyramid for refining high-tier materials.
FFXIV does have a bot problem, but they don’t have any of the issues we have here though possibly because their customer service is better. Every report has a 24-hour turnaround time and someone reads and respond to you. Issues are promptly resolved and they do right by legitimate players.
As for their bot problem, I’ve only ever seen bots at the bank making deposits, never out in the open world, so I don’t think even that is a very bad issue.

This is because people who suggest PvP-related solutions are not interested in anything except looking for ways to force players to play with them. Whatever the problem, they will just say PvP is the solution even when clearly it is nonsense or has already been tried elsewhere and failed.

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Unless there are still duplication exploits around, or they are leftovers from the previous duplication exploits. Yes yes AGS said they caught over 90% of the dupers – but honestly that’s probably nonsense. If they know they caught 90%, they must know where the remaining 10% is – otherwise how can they even get a figure of 90%? That’s how percentages work – you need to know what 100% is before you can make claims like that. So why didn’t they catch the remaining 10% and get rid of all the duped goods?

The point is those people with immense amounts of resources may not even have actually harvested them at all.

You don’t have to, just have tons of gold and buy up the market over time… Then control the price points for profit

Yeah I flag on when gathering.

95% of people are fine.

The 5% always seem to run IG/FS, this is purely my experience but I’m always weary of anyone with a staff when flagged. Usually do it when I’m gathering, drop ice storm, shower etc.

I try to be aware of who’s around, but not always going to cover it.


Yes, FFXIV has a dedicated team to handle RMT and third-party software usage reports… and yet there is not a single time that I could enter Limsa Lominsa, Gridania or other “starter” towns without having to report (and block) RMT chat spammers.

I wasn’t aware SQE’s STF team responded to individual reports… I was under the impression they do not due to the high volume of reports.

You don’t see bots in FFXIV open world that often because there are speed hacks and underground teleporting.

NW economy doesn’t work because is not fully player controlled, in other words, there is a lot of ways to generate currency and not a lot can be done to remove such currency from the market once it have been turned into a crafted item

East fix , make everyone pvp flagged. Like the game was suppose to be

Maybe not bot reports but if you had a complaint about another player, yeah they do. Or at least I certainly got a non-canned response.

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just go somewhere else.