People griefing other players while farming

I have to agree with this. I see a ton of people that just kill animals while either questing or leveling a weapon. If you kill a ton of animals with the intention of going back and skinning all of them, then players coming through have no way of knowing if you are just not interested in skinning them or if you were coming back to skin them all. I do think there should be some sort of timer (maybe 1 minute) where that animal is locked to you and then after that timer goes off anyone else can skin it if you haven’t.


I’ve seen some level 60 use the old ways… pull a lot… run in circle to group them close together and then AoE… if everything goes as planned they should die close enough to each other to easily skin them and you would be close so nobody can think you are abandoning the corpse…


Just because you haven’t had an issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I mean I never have issues getting orichalcum and yet tons of people out there complaining about needing more nodes. My issue is the people who are doing it just to be assholes. I am out there in my full skinning gear and food just for some person to hit e fast than me since I am still in the attack animation. It would be different if I was rounding a ton of them up to kill them all at once, but I am not. I am killing them one by one. Asking AGS to fix something in their game is not absurd. So get off you high horse.

Using the musket or bow to pull hogs for killing and skinning is great fun!

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To be fair, this is not clear in your OP.

No one is usually this close to me when I kill an animal to be skinned. But if somebody does get a skin steal in on me, I wait for them to leave before i kill more.

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Since the OP has not clarified the details about their experience with this, I just want to comment a couple of things.

Griefers do indeed do this. I have seen it, it has happened to me. But not for months. Every once in a while I go on a AOE kill wolves spree. If I wander away and someone swoops in and skins those wolves, I can hardly blame them.

If you are only killing one animal at a time, and someone is following you and skinning each animal as you kill it, that is deliberate griefing and can be reported. Also, if this is really what a player is dealing with, remember this important internet rule: Do Not Feed The Trolls. In this case, do that by leaving the immediate area and farming animals somewhere else.

If the person who has been following you continues this, report them again for harassment and go to another zone. These people get off on making players uncomfortable. Stop giving them that satisfaction.


Yea. Players with pvp off do this all thie time. So implement this or turn then pvp on each time they enter and stay in short distane to other playr that is pvp on.

Been on both sides of this… Reason being… You have to compete for nodes. PVP players sit on top of nodes for the same reason, to fight other pvpers before they get the node. In PVE, you can’t do this. You’re at the mercy of everyone hording every node everywhere for hours. Even PVP can not compete with PVE. In PVP at least you can take that person out and fight fairly for that resource. PVP can’t do anything to pve so they have to get just as creative.

You can bet your ass I’m going to do what I have to do to get a fair share of all of this hording.

So it’s not the fault of the griefer in a lot of cases. They’re just trying to get a fair shake when alot of you bastards wont share or have to sit on a node all damn day.

I’ve had people tell me “This is mine - go somewhere else”. You know what I hear?

“I’m a dickhead and you need to piss off because I’m self important and this is all mine…” That just makes me want to fk with you more and take your shit on purpose.

So where is the REAL issue?

For starters… Some genius thought it was a great idea to make static nodes that never change and never move. This tells everyone that those nodes will be no competition and he who stands on top of it owns it for as long as they demand on staying there.

More so… the absolute limited number of nodes available. Doesn’t matter where you go… ALL nodes are farmed. ok… not all, but all of the ones that are worth harvesting and have more than one random node available that’s not out of the way of surrounding nodes.

Resources are available in such a way to where griefing is MANDITORY if you want to get your own fair share of ore or top tiered resources.

You say it happens all the time, but I have never, ever witnessed it, and I crush a lot of hides.

The only time I have ever seen it is when I do it myself to find out if someone is a human or a bot.

Are you running a bot program? That would explain the behavior.

It doesn’t happen all the time. Like you mentioned, it happens more often when bots or farmers are involved - not just normal craft resource gatherers.

Look at the market. The pricks with 10000 units of resources Those are the real issue. That shouldn’t be possible because if that person’s getting 10000 units or ore… you can bet your ass, no one else is getting it.

Those are bots.

If we want to complain about bots, I’m all in on that.

Yes im a bot and ppl steal my kills. Sems oblivious.
And real resons are:

  1. some ppl do this so you leave farm and they can farm it solo even if you were there before they came
  2. u kill them on farm and take it. so after few tries with pvp on, they come back pvp off just to ruin your farm

Pretty much.

But like I said… That’s the fault of the Devs. Not the people trying to get a fair shake at ore. You just said it yourself…

“ppl do this so you leave farm and they can farm it solo even if you were there before they came

So you see that spot as YOURS and no one elses because you were there first. NW doesn’t work like that. The griefer may be wrong but your way of thinking is also wrong. You nor I own anything in NW. No spot is anyone’s spot. It’s all community owned.

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Yes I agree. My issue is that I as a player shouldn’t have to go find something else to do. I believe that it should be on the devs to fix this type of behavior, hence why I posted here. Reporting them sadly seems to do almost nothing at this point.

I will drop a dot like ice storm to finish the kill so I can be pressing E when it dies.

that works too

Well all kills shouldn’t be locked just to you as you would kill everything first then skin. Instead only the First kill should be locked for 30secs, any other kills after should not lock as it would be fair game.

This is why names should be shown on auction house posts. Every MMO I have ever played shows the name of the person that posted the item.

Why be sad about it? If you don’t want get kills stolen, go to other places to farm. Why cry about it? Next you will cry because other people take your fibers?

Why can’t you just live with it? Change location or do something else. Why are you such a crybaby? Why report them if it is not against rules to skin something you haven’t killed?